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  1. I' ve just got to know if anyone else HATES car salesman....

    I've been shopping for a new car.. (not a new car, but new to me) and I just can not believe that they actually believe that I am stupid enough to believe the lines they give me !! The lines they use are SO old, and I'm sure everyone else on this planet who owns a car has heard them before. Now, I consider myself and my husband to be fairly educated people, so why do they think that we are so stupid!!!!!!!!!
    We went shopping for a Volkswagen Beetle,I have researched these cars to no end.. I know everything about them from the turning radius, to the color options, to the cold weather package ( which I don't need, because I live in FLorida).. I've researched finance options, and interest rates, and I know what my monthly payment should be, yet they still insist on "up"ing me.... (thats a car lot term... I guess)

    I guess my question is.... Are car saleman made, or are they just born that way.... (I bet they just slide right out because they are definately slippery!!!!)
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  3. by   emily_mom
    I think they're born that way and suffer from inability to change. They think the same old tactics they used in the 90's will work today.

    I found a wonderful saleswoman at Saturn. She didn't jerk our chain.....a rarity in that circle.....

  4. by   howie122832
    She must be..... but they are few and far between!!
  5. by   jacolaur
    A few years ago I went to a Honda car "dealership" to look for a new car. My husband wasn't with me because this was going to be a car for me to drive not his. I was trading mine in, which was already paid for free and clear, so you would think that the guy would want to talk to me....As I was browsing around and found one I was really considering (after the test drive) he started to blow me off He said why don't you bring your husband in.... I calmly smiled and said what do you mean...he said well buying a new car should be a family decision you know, it's such a big purchase and all....ohhh, I was pi***d off...I told him the car was for me and not my husband, you can't tell me if he came in here to purchase a car for himself you would tell him to go get the "little lady" of the house because it is a "big family decision".....I politely told him I was not going to waste my time dealing with simple minded male car salesmen, I'll just head on down to the Lexas dealership and find a woman salesperson to help me. What a jerk, like I'm not capable of grasping the simple arithmatic of a car sale....pig...
  6. by   howie122832
    Had a car salesman actually point out the "battery"!!!! to me as one of the cars features....
    Now, I am a woman, but damn, I know that a battery is NOT an option!!!
  7. by   kaycee
    I do all the research and have all the information when my husband and I buy a new car. The salesman who has always been male talks to my husband like I'm not even there. My husband always calmly says, talk to my wife she knows all about the car and will make the final decision. They are ususally shocked about how much I know about the car and the costs involved. Even on a trade in they quickly find out they need to talk to me or it will be no deal. Why do they automatically think because you are female you can't know anything about buying a new car?
  8. by   Lausana
    Originally posted by howie122832
    Had a car salesman actually point out the "battery"!!!! to me as one of the cars features....
    Now, I am a woman, but damn, I know that a battery is NOT an option!!!

    Ugh. I think it's a woman problem. Everytime, yes, everytime I get an oil change they try to tell me my car needs work like bla bla bla..."have you ever had anything done to it?" by golly I just don't know handsome mechanic man <fanning myself> the last time I asked if the guy could read.
    "Because if you can you'd see the sticker smack dab on the front and center when you pop the hood from my body shop with a date of the last repair." Not like it even matters anyway--It's Jiffy Lube, so I'm there for a dang oil change! Unfortunately, thanks to my lemon I've become more car savy & I won't put up with their crap.
  9. by   Glad2behere
    Would you believe car salesmen are actually taught this crap?
    I was in the car business for over 20 years, resigned my last job as a sales manager over exactly this type of complaint. The vast area of no productive communication between customer and dealership. You have no idea the screwball ideas that corporate management can come up with supported by "documentation" to maximize selling, and a lot of it comes from the manufacturerers.
    Used to make me sick, I'd be in a sales meeting and ask a point blank question directed to the regional sales guru "You don't really expect our customers to bite on this crap do you?" His response, "Every job has some clown content, just do it would you, and keep my a** out of it".

    Funny, I always told my crew to ignore the man and focus on the woman because once she was convinced she would bring her mate around for you. And never let a saleswoman work a couple, the wife gets jealous. Saleswomen are better one on one with women, and always better one on one with a man, especially if they are smart and pretty.
  10. by   NurseWeasel
    Salesmen hate *ME*. I -so- do not fall for their tactics, I'm also one of those women who does her research, and I -will not- put up with b.s. Mister is actually embarrassed to go car shopping with me, I'm so "mean" to the dealership. But I've never gotten screwed over when buying a vehicle, so more power to me.

    I actually found a great salesman at Saturn too. I would buy from him again any day. He's moved on to some other dealership now, but I still have his home phone #. I do know that Saturn prides itself on the way they deal with customers.
  11. by   Jay-Jay
    Hmmm....can't say I've had a bad experience with car salesmen, though the breed does have a bad reputation. The ones I've dealt with have been pretty enlightened, or else we've voted with our feet and gone elsewhere. Worst one was a salesman, who when we tried to dicker a bit more on the price said, "I'll talk to my boss, and see if he's ready to GIVE the car away!"

    The OTHER personnel at the THAT'S a subject that could keep me going for a long time!! Starting with the time I tried to purchase a part for my Dodge Reliant at the dealership where I'd purchased the car. Turned out it was more expensive than I'd anticipated, and I was short a few dollars of the full purchase price (don't recall exactly, maybe $15.00 at the most.) I said, "Will you take a cheque for the balance?" "Sorry, we don't take cheques without a major credit card..." Now, if I'd had a major credit card, I wouldn't have NEEDED to pay by cheque! I asked the salesperson to check with their manager, and told her I'd bought the car there. I mean, it was ONLY a few lously bucks!! Back she comes..."Sorry, no can do. Cash or nothing..."

    I went storming out of there in angry tears, went to my bank, got the needed cash, then thought, wait, why give THEM the business when they've treated me like dirt?? I went to another Dodge dealership, asked for the same part... guess what? It was $15.00 cheaper, the amoung I had originally thought it would be! "Oh, I'm short a few bucks," I said, "would you take a cheque?"

    "CERTAINLY!" they replied. And they only needed my driver's license and Social Insurance card as ID!

    Guess where I started to go to get my car fixed?? And they were WONDERFUL!! Never let me down, never screwed me around, did their best to get the car finished while I waited, if I really needed it (which I usually did!) Thank you, Paul Willison's in Scarborough, Ontario. You're a GREAT bunch to do business with!

    And the other dealership? The ones with "The Sharpest Pencil in Town"? Aw, gee, I think they went out of business for some reason! Wonder why?
  12. by   BadBird
    I know how yall feel about females being treated like they are idiots, I walked out of a toyota dealership years ago and bought a mitisubisi instead because of their ignorance. I absolutely HATE those car salespeople. I don't understand why cars can't be purchased just like anything else, list the price, sale price, no negotiations. I bought my van that way and was much happier, not haggling, just a fair price. I am developing car fever now and am considering a few to look at but I refuse to play their games. Sams club offers a car purchasing service that I will look into. I wonder if the salespeople know how much we dislike them, I think many more people would purchase cars if it was a more pleasant experience.
  13. by   Jay-Jay
    Four years ago, I bought a Toyota Corolla. I had already done my homework, and was convinced it was an excellent car. I also rented one when my Reliant was damaged in an accident, and written off by the insurance company. ( was 12 years old, so it didn't take much damage for the insurance people to say, sorry, not worth fixing!)

    The salesman was recommended by a friend. He was a wonderful Christian gentlemen, who treated us like friends rather than customers. He had a binder made up with clippings that showed all the awards Toyota had won, all the positive reviews it had received from auto magazines, Consumer's Reports, etc. He knew EVERYTHING we wanted to know about the car. If I hadn't already decided on the Corolla, he would have won me over in short order.

    The lease expires on the car in March. It's been a wonderful car. I'm in the car all day long, and it's very comfortable, has lots of room for my nursing supplies, is easy on gas, and aside from some sort of sensor breaking down while it was still under warranty, has never needed a repair beyond expected stuff like brakes and oil changes. I'm going back to EXACTLY the same salesman to get my new car....

    Sorry you had such a bad experience with Toyota, BadBird. They really are great cars.
  14. by   dianah
    Know what you mean. We hadn't bought a new car for 12-14 yr (the last two we bought - 12-14yr ago - were used) and really needed an upgrade. We discussed ad nauseum what kind of vehicle we wanted, what we needed it for, what options we wanted, what we liked/disliked in a car . . . settled on a make/model, did the homework (joined Consumer reports online, did searches, checked newspapers, etc). I took a couple of test drives at different dealers (yuuuuuck at them - typical car salesmen). Then a friend recommended a dealer, with the name of a salesman, a little farther away. We drove there, talked with him, test drove, and BOUGHT. It was SUCH a nice experience! I mean, buying a car, to me, is VERY stressful: such a committment, and now we'll have a car payment and all . . . The man at this Ford dealer was such a nice person, as well as courteous and respectful to us BOTH. When it came time to name what $$ we had for a down, he asked, very low-key, "Now, do you have an amount, if any, you wish to apply for a down?" What do you mean, "IF ANY"??? I've had dealers WHEEDLE and BEG for more $$ down (Are you sure you can't put any more down???) - and for a potential lease!! I mentioned this to the salesman and he said, "Well, that's your business, if you can put any down at all. My job is to get you the car you want." Needless to say, I WOULD go back and deal with him IN A HEARTBEAT.
    Keep on keepin' on!!