Can't keep a secret? Do you wanna tell? What have you bought for Xmas gifts so far?

  1. I have such a hard time with keeping my mouth shut! I just wanna tell! Does anyone else have this problem? When you buy a gift do you want to give it right away or tell them what they are getting?
    Okay I have one kindred spirit that I am buying for...

    Edited to say: I'm still not telling you what I got you Joseph!

    And, I still have a few weeks before Christmas!

    Okay who else can't wait and just have to tell!
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  3. by   adrienurse
    I did some real GOOD shopping on Monday. Still need to shop more for my Mum, Sister Angela and "brother" Cam.

    B.I.L Grant: Subscription to Fine Homebuilder's magazine. Still need to find a stocking stuffer.
    B.I.L Josh: Eddie Bauer Lambswool sweater. His wife dresses him funny. I like to get him *nice* clothes.
    My Mum: Diana Krall Live in Paris CD.
    Sister Breanne: Knitted Silk Sweater
    Thunder Bay Grandma: Louis Comfort Tiffany Callender.
    Friend Vicky's dtr Faith: Denim overalls.
    My Dad: Fur Bolshevek (sp?) hat
  4. by   kids
    A book for my husband. Thats it...I really need to get busy shopping.
  5. by   OzNurse69
    Absolutely jack squat!! Haven't even reckon you're slack, kids-r-fun!
  6. by   BadBird
    I'm not telling !!!!! I bet you unwrapped your presents when you were a kid, didn't ya, come on fess up, I could see you sneaking around, looking for the gifts, LOL !!!

    Ok, I did find some funny stocking stuffers at Spencers. Stupid Sponge Bob thingies for the kids.
    Hmmm..... my kid and my mom are done. Most of the other family members are done too. Just have to pick up a couple of things, a few movie gift certificates, and make up some candy, but I'm already doing heavy volume for orders, so that'll be easy!

  8. by   BadBird
    oops, meant to say unwrapped in a sneaky way, peeking early, hehehehe. I remember one Xmas when my son was about 6 years old he opened all his presents and rewrapped them in birthday paper !
  9. by   Lausana
    So far have my sisters done--got older one a cute sweater, and the younger one pants/shirt & socks & nail polish to match their clothes..still might get them some accessories. I'm anal about everything being equal

    ...and so far for myself...underwear, pj pants/top, 2 skirts (on clearance though) and a dvd player. I'm finally past my period of utter I can't stop enjoying it. But I've been stingy to myself for months!!
  10. by   dianah
    SSSSHHHhhhhhh!!! An electric scooter-thingy with a seat, for "the boys" (two kids and -- NO, make that three [includes dh]). Got it on sale. Big surprise. Just hope I can hold out!
  11. by   deespoohbear
    Let's see:

    My parents: pictures of my sons, framed. (Isn't that what all doting grandparents want?)

    My FIL: same as my parents.

    My SIL: same as above. (See a pattern here?)

    My cousin & best friend: It is called an eternal light. It is a "candle" sleeve, that fits over a small light bulb. It has a picture of a lighthouse on it, which is her favorite.

    Hubby: sweatshirt, still working on other stuff. (Always the hardest to buy for.

    Oldest son: CD, remote control car, deck of playing cards, shirt, sleep pants.

    Middle son: Spiderman virtual reality game (or some such thing), playing cards, shirt, sleep pants.

    Youngest son: Tonka dump truck (metal, per his request), playing cards, shirt, sleep pants.

    Plus they are each getting their own fold out lounge chair. Some games to share, and some books. My husband says I get the boys way to much for Christmas, but hey I waited a long time to have children and they will only be young once. In just a few short years they will be in their own homes with their own families.

    SIL #2: Eeyore sweatshirt

    Brother: cash (he is a PIA to buy for, so I am just going to give him cash!)

    2 and 3 y/o little cousins: sweatshirts from the Disney store.

    Grandma- probably a Walmart gift card......

    (Shhhhh!! Don't tell anybody!!)
  12. by   kittyw
    I got my boy a set of junior sized golf clubs.... he's so wanting to learn how to play golf. It's funny, but they're wrapped sitting in my bedroom in plain view. He's seen the package but for some reason doesn't realize it's his .... he actually asked me why I haven't started to buy him Christmas presents yet and it's sooooo hard not to just give him his things.

    I also bought a phone call and card from Santa for him. Santa called tonight (my son is with his daddy) so I told Santa to call tomorrow after 6:30. He's going to be SOOOOOO surprized!!!!
  13. by   kids
    Originally posted by OzNurse69
    Absolutely jack squat!! Haven't even reckon you're slack, kids-r-fun!
    OK, you have me beat!
  14. by   karenG
    oh you are all too good!! I havent bought anything yet except the christmas cards I have sent to you all!!!!!! Time to get my act in gear and do some shopping. I have bought the turkey though- does that count??