can't believe she said that

  1. When my oldest was 19 and my youngest was 4 I had an "intersesting expierence" in the ER. My oldest called me and told me he had "bad chest pain" SOB and was sweating. He wanted to know if he should go to the ER. A "freind" was with him and drove him to the hospital and I met them their. After about an hour and a half they had decided that it was most likley that it was not a heart attack but his enzymes were off and he needed an ultrasound. While they took him to have the procedure I stepped outside to "get some air" while standing outside I watched as my husband pulled into the parking lot with my youngest son. I'm thinking why is he bringing that child to see his brother.(I hate family reunions in the ER.) As he got out of the car I noticed that Bob (MY son) was bleeding from the left side of his head. He had been attacked by a neighbors dog. Anyway priorities changed My husband sat with the oldest while I held my youngest. I knew most of the people who worked in the ER, but the one I didn't know had seen me with my oldest and now saw me with my youngest. Her comment flipped my out! "How nice of grandma to hold the baby since daddy is sick too! I explained that both of the boys flew out of the same place and my freinds in the ER got their laugh for the day.
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  3. by   Cindy_A
    Reminds me of the time I went with my friend to take her son to the doctor. I forget the nurse's exact comment, but she thought I was my friend's mother!! Gee, she's only 3 years younger than me!