Candlelight vigil

  1. does anyone know if tonight's candlelight vigil is supposed to take place tonight at 7 p.m. eastern?

    prayers for you and yours! ^i^
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  3. by   cargal
    I plan to be outside of what ever I am doing and light a candle at 7pm. I will give candles to my daughters to do the same. I hope everyone will take part in this vigil. It will be soo heartwarming and emotional.
  4. by   shyviolet78
    I believe its 7PM Central. See my reply on the previous message "Americans Show Unity Against Terrorism...".
  5. by   moni rn
    thank you, so much for your quick responses!

    prayers to you and yours! ^i^
  6. by   cargal
    Please let us know for sure when this is set. I would think that 7pm in your own time zone would be good. It would be like a wave of candlelight across our Blessed Land.
  7. by   moni rn
    got an answer, ladies & gentleman!

    msnbc just announced that it was 7 p.m. where you are. it is supposed to be a rolling candlelight vigil.

    prayers to you and yours! ^i^