Canadian wants to take a stand... someone has to

  1. My government is pis@ing me off! They are a bunch of weakmined, weak kneed, trying desperately to be policitally correct, dim whitted, no spined DUMMIES.

    Why the hell they cannot take a stand and get behind the US on this astounds me every day I live here.

    Not that I want war....... but for the sake of supporting our neighbours.....we should be there with the US, the Brits and the Aussies.....I AM EMBARASSED for this country right now.
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  3. by   renerian
    Wow I appreciate your post. I have some efriends in Canada and I am taking a beating the last two weeks.

    Thank you,

  4. by   NS_RN
    Well, JMO, but I'm proud to ba Canadian now. Our military does not have the $$$ to be involved. And US was not involved in WW2 for quite some time after the Canadians were involved.
    AND...this action is NOT UN sanctioned.
    Be ashamed if you wish, but I certainly am not. We will become involved as Peacekeepers and we will be cleaning up the mess afterward with humanitarian aid.
  5. by   Disablednurse
    JMP, thank you for your post. I am truly an American and proud of it. I am not someone who backs Bush and his ideas, because I feel that this war is a needless battle that is taking innocent lives. However, I do support the troops and the job that they are doing to help protect our freedoms. They exhibit great amounts of courage just being there. I really hope that they find the weapons that they are looking for and I feel that we will win the war. I just hate to lose the lives that we will in this battle. I am proud to be an american and I know that even though that Canada has taken the stand to not back us, if the situation arose and Canada needed help, I hope that we would be there for them. ONce again thanks for your support.
  6. by   RNonsense
    I agree with JMP. I've been slamming my own government for awhile now...
    No, I didn't vote for this party...thus I am entitled.

    Canada at the very LEAST, should have supported the USA.
  7. by   Mkue
    Canada, I wish you guys were with us too, but you should stand by your country, whether you feel the decision is right or wrong, that's how I feel. Unless you live in a country such as Iraq, which you don't, thank God.
  8. by   adrienurse
    Well right now I have to say that I am more comcerned about my landlord than my government. My opinion about my government hasn't changed a bit. I've always felt that they are a bunch of freaken idiots -- especially Mr. Chretien (but that's a whole n'other thread).

    My landlord on the other hand is an expat American from Kentucky who was "posted" here during the Vietnam war. Since 9/11, he has flown an American flag next to a Canadian one in fromt of your building complex. Anyway, yesterday I came home from work to a note in the lobby stating that he had removed the American flag for safekeeping. He is apparently afaid that due to anti-american sentiment, people "might" take pot shots at us and our building. Whether this fear has any bearing on reality (the guy's a little wingy in the first place), I have yet to encounter, and I don't know whether I should be amused or concerned at this while thing.
  9. by   nurs4kids
    Originally posted by NS_RN
    Well, JMO, but I'm proud to ba Canadian now. Our military does not have the $$$ to be involved.
    I'm SURE the US would be more than willing to loan your military all the money they need..
    we have it growing on trees down here, yanno .

    Thanks for the post, but I think I understand Canada's position. Not agree, but understand. It's much easier to not get involved than it is to become involved and then wish you hadn't. You can always join after your convinced of Sadham's evilness, you can't back out once you're in, though.
  10. by   adrienurse
    Canada has made its decision and I do agree that it has merit, and has validity whether others may find it acceptible or not, or no matter in which direction the media chooses to spin the situation. I happen to like living in a world where individual countries have to right to make individual political decisions. Why SHOULD the United States be able to strong arm other counties into agreeing to their political stances?

    Although certainly not weak and ineffective, Canada's armed forces lack the resources to join in on the offence on Iraq. Canada is a country of 27 Million people and it's army is smaller in proportion to the armies of the US and Britain. Canada's strength is in it's rich tradition of peacekeeping missions and this is where spending has gone since the 50's .
  11. by   JMP
    Originally posted by RNonsense
    I agree with JMP. I've been slamming my own government for awhile now...
    No, I didn't vote for this party...thus I am entitled.

    Canada at the very LEAST, should have supported the USA.
    Exactly. WE could at least support the US. I know we have a VERY small military, which are known for peace keeping BUT we could at least be on the list of dinky countries that support, if only in name the US.

    I mean, as their neighbours, I think we could at least "say" we supported the US!!!!!!

    We have one ship in the gulf, it is ironic. Publicly we say we do not support the war, BUT WE ARE DOING MORE than any other country on the list (other than UK and Aussies) to support it..... 1000 troops right now in Afganistan, supporting the war against terrorism.
  12. by   sjoe
    "A man must take responsibility for the world in which he lives. If he doesn't, someone will do it for him, someone like bin Laden, Lenin, Stalin, Hitler, Mao.... Murderous fanatics are always ready to purge us of our ills. ... I happen to believe that the planet is better off with civilization than without it. This tired old rock doesn't need six billion starving people marooned on it."
    --Stephen Coonts
  13. by   nurs4kids
    I like that..
    thanks for sharing!
  14. by   dabestrn
    OK, our military is so sad that the Edmonton mall has more working submarines than the navy. Thats right, a shopping mall(very, very huge one) has more employees and submarines than our navy!!! How sad, Canada could not afford to go to war even if we felt as strong and the war hungry Bush. We couldn't borrow the money either coz our economy is so damn ******. You might think that bush would give us weapons but oh, no, he can't coz he supplied Saddam with weapons a few years ago and now look how they are being used. Would hate to give a peace loving neighboor such availability to these same amounts of weapons. Or hey, maybe we could have the CIA come up and train our military to be a better force? Ooops, can't do that either, CIA trained Osama and look what happened there. We should be proud of our nation for not running around training and supplying such evil ppl and then turning around again and getting pissed coz they used these things for their own use, then having to go in and kill innocent civilians, putting young men in danger, to fix what we created. Man, am I proud to be Canadian. Hopefully we will keep our peaceful spirit and go in after the USA has managed to have many ppl killed and help clean up the mess left behind. Now don't get me wrong. I pray all the time for the young men/troops that are sent over there. They are just doing a job that they feel is right and hope they all make it back safe. But, I also pray for innocent iraqies. Peace