1. I just got my photos back from my last trip. I am soo disappointed in how they came out, but I was only using the disposable cameras. So, now I have decided it is time to look particularly at digital cameras, though I am open to a nice film one as well. This is what I want: Autofocus, zoom lens or telephoto lens, and if digital, ability to store lots of photos and a rechargable battery.
    Anyone just LOVE their camera? Please tell me all about it, especially what you are primarily using it for. Thanks!!!
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  3. by   Robin61970
    My sons school used a Sony MAvica series.......look it up......I liked the fact that they saved the pics to 3 1/2 floppys and didn't have to download them, and the camera also had internal looked at the pic when you took it and decided whether to keep or delete........they run around $399 in price, but that really isn't that bad for digitals with quality.......good luck in your search.....
  4. by   kristi915
    If you get a digital camera, you can print off your pics on your printer, also, you can download your pics to a company and they will make your pictures into the good kind that won't smear, and they will also fix the red eye for you. It's only like 40 cents for a pic, you can do different sizes.

    I say digital cameras are the way to go, you can easily put the pics onto your computer w/o a scanner, you can print off your own pics, and you can order them online to be printed of to perfection for a cheaper price then taking your film to the store to have them done.

    But.....if you want to take black & white pictures, and other more professional pics, then maybe film cameras are your way to go. You just have to make a list of what you want your camera to do, decide between film or digital, then once you've decided, you need to decide on what camera is most capable of fufilling your needs.

    Hewlet Packard has very nice digital cameras. Go to a place like Best Buy, or Circuit City, and you can play around with the cameras and stuff. It's fun. Good luck looking for the right camera, and have fun!
  5. by   kristi915
    oh yea, my avatar is from a digital camera