Calling those from Ireland or those that have a lot of knowledge of Ireland

  1. Hi everyone,

    As I posted in another post referring to "Geneology" I have a Xerox copy of a hand written letter written in 1913 from a member of my family to another. The topic of the letter was to give information regarding my family's ancestors.

    I am deciperhing and typing the letter for my grandfather who is doing our family geneology.

    In the letter there is mention of a County in Ireland where I have a relative. Unfortunately, the name of the County is pretty hard to read. The best I can make out is that it is possible Acchrier or Autrier County. I have done searches for counties in Ireland but I do not see anything that looks close to this.

    As I said, it is hand written and a Xerox copy and close to a hundred years old. The woman who wrote it was in her 60's at the time of writing it and the story of the relative in this County in Ireland goes very far back.

    I was thinking that maybe the woman who wrote it knew how to say the word, but not spell it the right way, or even maybe she meant Village or estate and not "County".

    The sentence goes;

    "I heard a story that one of our ancestors was a younger son in a Noble English family, and when his father died, the eldest son inherited the estate and the younger son located in County A--------, Ireland when he accumulated wealth and a large estate. I have been told by Irishmen who come from there and know all about this estate....."

    I know this is a huge longshot but if any of you Irish Nurses out there or any one else that perhaps has travelled to Ireland have any ideas one what the name of this County could be or any other clues I would appreciate it.

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  3. by   Mattigan
    County Antrim or County Armagh???? There is a city Athenry in County Galway that is supposedly th e best preserved medieval city.
  4. by   donmurray
    Both Armagh and Antrim are in Northern Ireland,
    perhaps might help you have a look around!
  5. by   mageean
    Armagh and Antrim are the only Counties in Ireland beginning with letter A. many towns etc as noted by Mattigan. try Athlone. Have you any Info re Whether or not it is in nort or South Ireland. No Counties in South with A. good luck in your search.