Calling All Readers

  1. Hey Ya'll

    In 8 short weeks I will graduate! I plan on taking some time off before returning to work. And I want to READ....for fun :hatparty: Not that my medsurg text hasn't provided some moments of unending hilarity....

    What have you been reading? I have one lone book on my list "The Da Vinci Code." I read darn near anything, fiction and toss some Ideas my way.


    Did anything ever happen with the idea of an online allnurses book club?

    Right now I am on spring break alternating between reading endo chapters and "The Codex".
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  3. by   Katnip
    "The Secret Life of Bees"-by Sue Monk Kidd

    "Tuesdays with Morrie" and it's sequel, "The Five People You Meet in Heaven" by Mitch Albom

    Right now I'm working on "Gifted Hands" by Dr. Ben Carson the pediatric neurosurgeon from Hopkins.

    I read a lot of fantasy too....was pointed in the direction of writings by Gavriel Kay. Very different from the usual fantasy genre. Zee_RN recommend that series and she was right on.
  4. by   menetopali
    "Founding Brothers" by Ellis


    "Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance" by Pirsig


    "Wilderness and the American Mind" by Nash
  5. by   dianah
    Krakatoa (very exciting and informative, IMO)

    Galileo's Daughter (intriguing look into the times and what he went thru for his beliefs/science - considered mutually exclusive at the time)
  6. by   nurseunderwater

    Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister

    both are staged as autobiographies about the wicked witch of the west and of course......cinderella. both were easy but good reads...

    a friend read this
    and said it was wonderful!

    man... I LOVE TO READ!!!!
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  7. by   suzanne4
    The other books of Dan Brown..............Angels and Demons, Digital Fortress, and Deception Point. Have loved every single one of them.

    Congratulations on completing your schooling..............
  8. by   danaRN2b
    If you want a nice, romantic, sob-your-eyes-out-so-hard-your-husband-will-think-you're-having-a-nervous-breakdown type of book, I recommend "Three Wishes" by Barbara Delinsky. Seriously, he thought I was losing it. But it was good!! All of the Dan Brown books are good, too. I also like Pat Conroy--I've read "The Prince of Tides" over and over. I'd love an online book club, too. I've tried doing the Oprah thing, but I think her books are too deeeeeep for me. I prefer not to think that hard when I read--LOL! Oh, but "Here On Earth" (from Oprah's old Book Club) was good, it's by Alice Hoffman. Can you tell I'm a total geek & read all the time? haha
  9. by   plumrn
    I'm reading The Da Vinci Code now, and am enjoying it very much. I may just read my all-time favorite book again next- The Grapes of Wrath. I haven't read it in years, but remember how well it was written. I have tried, but the Oprah books are just a little too deep for me, too. I enjoyed some of them, but really struggled with others.
  10. by   msrn
    One of my recent favorites is The House of Gentle Men by Kathy Hepinstall. Very unexpected ending!
    If you want a frightening story with a huge twist, read Fear by L. Ron Hubbard (I was so shocked that I threw the book across the room! If I react like that, it's a really good book!).
    Right now, I'm reading The Golden Compass by Phillip Pullman; it's the first in a series. For young adults, but (like the Harry Potter books) very entertaining for adults.
    As you can see, I will read about anything. I love Harlequin romances, the Sword of Truth series, Stephen King, Patricia Cornwell, the Harry Potter series, etc... I can't remember a time in my life when I wasn't reading a book.
    Anyway, I hope one of the above interests you. Happy reading!
  11. by   Berta
    What's a book?

    Until I saw this post, I didn't even realize how long its been since I've held another book other than a school one in my hands.

    Oh how I miss them.

  12. by   BBFRN
    Quote from cyberkat
    "The Secret Life of Bees"-by Sue Monk Kidd

    Right now I'm working on "Gifted Hands" by Dr. Ben Carson the pediatric neurosurgeon from Hopkins.

    Dr. Carson did an extremely difficult surgery on my Niece who had an aneurysm at 2 years old- He is an absolute angel! We were told she couldn't be helped at the children's hospital here. My mother happened to be reading his book at the time, and called him. He had my Niece flown to Hopkins and did her surgery. She is 100% functional now- with migraines every now and then. He is one of the kindest and most loving people on the planet, let alone one of the best peds neurosurgeons out there! And you know what? 8 years after the surgery, he still calls my Niece to see how she's doing? Not only medically- he asks her about her life and what's going on with her. I recommend his books to anybody out there that wants to some really uplifting medical miracle stories, by a very humble neurosurgeon.
  13. by   steel magnolia
    I highly recommend Cold Mountain by Charles Frazier and House of Sand and Fog by DuBois (? I think) Both were made into movies, but it would be remiss not to read the books. Absolutely compelling!!
  14. by   manna
    I'm reading House of God (Samuel Shem) right now. I think I'm going to start the Harry Potter series next.

    Sorry I don't have any good recommendations, but I'm bookmarking this thread!