Calling all golfers

  1. My 6 yo son has decided over the past few months that he just LOVES golf. And I know very little! It all started when I bought a fake golf set at Target - it had 12 ping pong balls, a fake golf club, and distance signs. He just loves it - always wants to go out and hit the balls. The other day I was watching him swing and it looked really good!!! He followed through on his swing and the ping pong ball went far and straight. He did that over and over.

    Now, I'm not thinking I have the next Tiger Woods at all.... but since he's shown no interest in any other sport I figured I would encourage his interest in golf. (He even likes watching golf on TV!!) I was thinking about getting him some lessons - but I don't want to sound like the dumb **** I am!!

    Any suggestions? Can someone fill me in on the rules of the game? Also... do they have groups of kids that golf together (kinda like the Y soccer teams or little league)?

    Mom of a future golf lover.
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  3. by   teeituptom
    Howdy yall
    from deep in the heat of texas

    Well, I certainly couldnt pass this one up. I love golf. I cant do without it.It saves my sanity.

    There are stores like Golfsmythe, and even stores like walmart and target in their sports department will have age and size specific clubs for little ones to use. these are real clubs and hit real balls. A net in the backyard is nice also as it gives him a place to hit balls with little or no damage, plus you can supervise and or even join in.
    Instructions are good, be sure to find an instructor who combines the right amount of fun to keep them interested. Most cities have a parks and recreation department that offers low cost instruction to kids and adults. They teach the how tos but also keep it fun and competitive, kids like that. You could also check at your local course or driving range if they have something to offer kids also.
    Rule books are inexpensive and boring as can be to read anyway, save that for later. I would reccommend starting with a book on common golf etiquette instead.
    Most areas will also have little chip and putt or small par three courses to play on that are a lot of fun also. Plus you can play with them also. You might find a new source of rest and relaxation.
    That gives you a start
    any questions I will be available

    doo wah ditty
  4. by   JJFROG
    I started my lessons when I was 5. I started with a couple of private lessons then group lessons with a few other kids my age. There was not a "league" but we met for lessons nearly every Tuesday AM during the summer to learn different aspects of the game(etiquette being one of the more important ones!). Tom has a great point that you should try it too, it is a great family activity. My entire family plays and we have tons of fun when we all get together. I am trying to get my husband to play more often, I guess I should have let him win the first time we played together instead of outdriving him on every hole! I think it is best to learn early and get your son lessons before bad habits develop.