Calling all crafty people.....

  1. Has anyone here ever made a quilt? Have any ideas to share or helpful hints? Anyone do this as a hobby, or even just ever?

    Starting to feel a little crafty in my old age.....

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  3. by   Robin61970
    Ooh Heather sounds grandmother used to have the quilting square that hung from the ceiling and everything( forget walking in that room if she was quilting,LOL.) My mom just gave me a quilt that my grandma helped make when she was a's about 112 years's so neat.....

    EDITED To take out anything about helping my grandmother make quilting squares as I obviously have no clue what I am talking about.....
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  4. by   delirium
    I've always wanted to learn to quilt, Heather. I just assumed my Nana would teach me, but she passed on last December, rather unexpectedly. One of my aunties quilts, though.

    So, I can't help you. I'm as uncrafty as they come.

    Good luck. A friend of mine made a quilt as a wedding gift for one of our mutual friends... she used pieces of fabric from the bridesmaid dresses and other wedding things (including wedding pictures superimposed on kona white fabric) for the top and then hand quilted the whole thing (with the batting and the bottom fabric attached, of course). It was nice.
  5. by   LasVegasRN
    Yeah, tell us how to make a square...
    LMMFAO Vegas!

  7. by   Mattigan
    You can't quilt. All real quilters have cats curled up at their feet or on the hearth or on the pile of their already quilted quits. We have speciality stores here just for quilters with their supplies and they have store cats that live in the store. My favorite has a calico cat named Calliope. ( I don't quilt but they sell cross stitch, too- All x stitchers have cats also.) Sorry.
  8. by   Robin61970
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    Originally posted by Mattigan
    You can't quilt. All real quilters have cats curled up at their feet
    Whatever! My dog is only a little bigger than a cat, and he's curled up at my feet right now, so that counts!

    :chuckle Heather
  10. by   Lausana
    I think there are quilting clubs and stuff?? Maybe Michaels or Hobby Lobby might have classes? If not, I guess it's time to befriend a quilter!
  11. by   researchrabbit
    I have made a SMALL quilt....and some small pieced projects...this is what I learned the hard way...

    Your pieces have to be cut on the grain, not on the bias.

    You should REALLY start out with a simple design (no curves).

    Only purists or people who have lots of spare time piece by hand.

    It is very relaxing once you get it right, and makes for very impressive presents!
  12. by   ptnurse
    My youngest child will start to school next fall. The first thing on my list of things to do with my new "free time" will be to take a quilting class at a shop near my home. I will be of some help to you, this time next year. I have always wanted to learn to quilt.
  13. by   Heather333
    My MIL quilts, sews, paints. One of those really crafty people. She says it's not that hard. That I don't believe. She works for hours at a time on those squares. I'd love to learn but I don't have the time or the patience.

  14. by   TiddlDwink
    I have made 3 quilts, and all of them "just for fun"! I am working on #4 now, and I think it's the most creative of them all! First, I got all those old T-shirts out of the basement (the ones we got when we went to Lookout Mtn, and Branson, MO, and the Holiday on Ice show, etc.etc.etc. I cut the commemorative fronts out, using a 10" x 10" square pattern. I also cut out strips from old blue jeans and strips from the backs of the T-Shirts. I am making 10 x 10 checkerboard squares using 4" x 4" T-shirt & jean strips. THEN making a larger checkerboard using the 10 x 10 T-shirt fronts and the resulting 10" x 10" jean/t-shirt fabric checkerboards. It's turning out very nice so far!