Calling all Celine Dion fans!

  1. Celine Dion is coming on television at 2100 hour (9:00 p.m. Central Mountain Time...that's Texas time ya'll) :chuckle.......or...2200 hour (10:00 p.m. EST)! I just love her so much! Any Celine Dion fans on board? Come on ya' one of her songs says "LET'S TALK ABOUT LOVE"!!! Let's talk about Celine! :kiss

    I LOVE YOU, CELINE!!! Ahhhhhhhh...such a precious person to know....a true angel indeed! :kiss

    What are your favorite Celine Dion songs?
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  3. by   Love-A-Nurse
    yes, i like to hear her sing. she has a sense of family and that is the first thing that makes her stand out to me.
  4. by   shygirl
    Yes, I love her voice, that song that she sings, "The heart will go on" is my favorite. I used to think that she was a stuck up you know what. I saw her on Oprah and changed my mind. Beautiful voice. She does not compare to Barbara Streisand though
  5. by   live4today
    No......I wouldn't even put Barbara and Celine in the same box, shygirl. They are BOTH excellent singers with their own style. I enjoy hearing them both sing. :kiss

    BTW: Her show comes on in 20 minutes here on CBS! Needless to say.....I'll be "absent" from the BB during her special program.
  6. by   live4today

    I just finished watching the first forty minutes of the show.....even though it is a RERUN......Celine never gets "OLD" for me. Love that voice.....and the girl, too! :kiss

    She sang Beauty and The Beast with Brian McKnight.....a real cutie pie himself...and what a svelte voice he has....Ahhhhhhh....and Destinys Child was her other guests tonight. There's still about 15 minutes of show time left, but I'm taping it and watching it at the same time. The joy of having the t.v. within turning range of the 'puter.

    I love one of her new songs: "Have You Ever Been In Love" . She sang that tonight too. she is singing the song "At Last"....Ahhhhhh...what a song! I can sing that really good myself. And....when she sang the American Anthem......what a thrill that went through my being just listening to her sing that song......even if she isn't American. doubt in any of your minds that I am a TRUE Celine Dion fan, eh? :chuckle
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  7. by   tigger2sassy
    i love celine dion!!!!!!!! have pretty much kept up with her since she started in the early part of the 90's-- played a lot of her when i was a DJ lol
  8. by   live4today

    Thanks for sharing, tigger2sassy! :kiss
  9. by   Ortho_RN
    I like her also... And my fav song from her is "If you ask me to".. Not sure if that is the actual title of the song...
  10. by   Love-A-Nurse
    thanks for letting us know about the show. i did enjoy it! showing her baby on the big screen behind her while she sang was magical, don't you think?
  11. by   live4today
    Awwww gee guys.....thanks for sharing in my Celine Dion moment tonight! :kiss was great to see her little tyke and hubby in the background. She and her hubby waited soooo long for that little angel....and now they have him. God is so Good! :kiss
    Nighty night ya'll! Sweet dreams!
    Hmmmmm.... I have to say I'm not really a Celine fan, but I just had to interject a comment here. Have you heard her version of "God Bless America"? Woosh! The most beautiful thing I've ever heard....

  13. by   LasVegasRN
    Okay. I will be nice. She has an awesome voice. Cesaer's Palace has built a stadium "thing" here for her, she bought a house (haven't found out where in Las Vegas) to which she will be flown by helicopter each night to and from the Strip. I guess she'll be a headliner here for the next 2 years.
  14. by   zumalong
    Thanks for filling me in on the time for concert. So-lean opps I mean Celine has the most incredable voice. My observant eyes noticed she was not wearing a wedding ring--is this her norm?? You would think she would when you hear about her and her hubby.