Calling all bookworms......

  1. Since childhood I have been seriously addicted to reading. No, really. My kids call me a bookaholic. I have been known to read the almanacs and encyclopedias, and recently read my teenager's drivers ed manual because I was in the car with nothing else to read. Anyway, I am interested in what the rest of you are reading or looking forward to reading. Maybe you can suggest something I should try. I will admit to reading many things considered "pop culture". I will be purchasing the new Harry Potter title next week. Started reading that particular series because I bought the first 2 books for my kids, then ended up reading them myself. I value my so called spare time and try to read a little of everything, not just nursing literature. I work 12 hour day shifts so I actually have a few free hours every now and then.
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  3. by   kimmicoobug
    I started a John Grisham book at the beginning of spring quarter, and I am still reading it. But, I can probably tell you that I have read well over a thousand pages for school . (No joke, too. We have these little books with 200-300 pages per book that are supposed to assist us...and I actually read them). I am kind of burned out on reading right now.
  4. by   prmenrs
    I just "bumped" the other book thread--that may give you some ideas of what we're reading--add to it if you wish!
  5. by   gwenith
    I think there may be a lot of bookworms on this BB. As for Harry Potter's next book - you can't get it 'cause I will be in line ahead of you so there!:chuckle
  6. by   Zee_RN
    We have had several threads going on books. Always happy to see them.

    Right now I am reading "Two for the Dough" by Janet Evanovich. I have several more books lined up to read. "Child of the Prophecy" by Juliet Marillier. And her NEW BOOK!!!--"Wolfskin" (PRMENRS: did you see she had a new book out? You read the Sevenwaters Trilogy, didn't you?) I just ordered "Wolfskin" and should be receiving it this week. Also have waiting for me: "Possession" by A.S. Byatt, "Rebecca" by Orson Scott Card, "Pope Joan" by ? Wolcroft?, "Faking it" by Jennifer Cruise, "A Caress of Twilight" by Laurrel K. Hamilton, "A Servant's Tale" by Margaret Frazer. Oh and there's a few more in my to-be-read pile! I just keep getting more and more, despite not having read all that I have!
  7. by   bagladyrn
    I just finished reading "The Demon in the Freezer" by Richard Preston. Nonfiction, detailed book concerning smallpox, both historically and as a current threat, anthrax and bioterrorism. Believe it or not, it is very absorbing reading, not as dry as it sounds, but absolutely chilling!
  8. by   pickledpepperRN
    Just started The Longest Way Home by Robert Silverberg.
    My favorite writer is Octavia Butler. Favorite prolific writer Barbara Hambley. Favorite of all time Isaac Asimov. Like Amy Tan, Michael Creighton (Who should admit he is a SF writer and a good one!), Heinlein and his followers, Larry Niven, Steven Barnes (Have Zulu Heart to read next. Too many to count.

    Like bigraphies too and history. The Will Durant series is inexpensive in second hand stores or paperback. Asimov and Carl Sagan for easy to read science writing. I admit I have read from the childrens section of the library for physics and astronomy. Oh well enought. Let me read what YOU like to read!
  9. by   Angelica
    I need to check out those book threads, because I need some ideas. Between raising children and nursing school, I haven't read a book for pleasure in a long, long time.
  10. by   passing thru
    Thanks for the tip on the Will Durant series, Spacenurse. I wasn't aware of it & always loved to read his books. I like Asimov too. He wrote a book on Algebra , a small book that I taught myself algebra from after flunking it in high school. And like his
    astronomy books. Lots of common sense stuff from him.
    Currently starting:
    The Good Women of China: Hidden Voices by Xinran, non-fiction,
    The Kingdom -- a history of Saudi Arabia - - it is very interesting
    Sometimes a Great Notion - - Ken Kesey - -
    Wild Swans - - Jung Chang
    night table reading - - Poems and Prose by Tagore
  11. by   prmenrs
    No, Zee, I didn't know that Marillier had a new one. I'll be looking for it @ the library. I finished my sci-fi book--wouldn't you know it's the first of a series--I have a knack for grabbing series books even when I'm not trying to.

    I read another Jo Ann Mapson book, "Hank and Chloe", anyone who likes horses will like this book.

    If I don't find an interesting looking book when I'm doing my volunteer thing @ the library today, I'll start in on some paperbacks that have been piling up around here lately.
  12. by   pickledpepperRN
    Passing Thru:
    I'm so excited to go looking for the books you liked!
    When my kids were small the fiction magazines and Readers Digest were good. Still subscribe to "ANALOG", used to be "ASTOUNDING SF"
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  13. by   eltrip
    Another bookworm checking in!
    Rosamund Pilcher is one of my favorites...just stories about people in the British Isles. The "Mitford" books are good, too. Jeffrey Archer & John Grisham are among my favorite authors. Happy Reading!
  14. by   Zee_RN
    PRMENRS: "I read another Jo Ann Mapson book, "Hank and Chloe", anyone who likes horses will like this book." Is it appropriate for a 13-year-old girl? One of my daughters loves horses.