Calling All Aussies, Help !!

  1. Several of my friends( all nurses) are hoping to visit your great country next year. But we are wondering on the timing? When is it best to visit? September, October? Or April, May? I realize that seaons are reversed " Down Under"( Seems weird to have Christmas in the middle of summer ) We want to see Melbourne, Sydney, Ayers Rock, And Great Barrier Reef.Yup> I know Ayers rock has a "new" name.......Can`t remember what.......your aboriginals are as active as ours are, I see. Long time dream to see the outback, and compare deserts........ .....As a younun I loved those murder mysteries by Arthue Upfield, they made the outback seem so....real.. Thanks in advance for any replies....
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  3. by   karenelizabeth
    Went Sept-Oct 9years ago Stayed in Adelaide mainly but went into the bush around "Woomera" and "Flinders Ranges"

    Weather started at about 18degrese C then I arrived cloudy and Damp but had been up the 40's when I left (sorry cant convert to F). It had been a very wet early spring or everything was unusually green (even the Stert Desert Pea was in flower), the colours were amazing we slept under the stars (I have never seen so mand so much of the UK suffers light polution), the wild life was amazing I was v licky I was with people who had an amazing knowlege of the indigionous wildlife, (no lizard was ever safe and a flock of green budgies is mind boggling)

    Have an amazing holiday I did

    and oh the aboriganal name for Ayres Rock is "Uluru" I believe not been there but flew over it and that was spectacular

  4. by   cactus wren
    Thanks Karen,
    We are all excited about this trip........Did you do the tour thing or go it alone? My friends usually go to Europe every summer, this year they went to Switz. and Italy, I couldn`t swing the extra funds this year. But am socking monet away for this trip............
    Sounds like you had a ball. I`ve read that they have the most amazing butterflies over there....And the fact that cockatiels are actully smart enough to be a wild bird boggles my mind.....The 2 i had were dummer than a box of rocks......
  5. by   karenelizabeth
    I went out for a cousins Wedding.

    It was a bit scary flying out on my own for the first time. but great being met and shown around by someone I knew.

    7 of us went out in the bush in 4x4's which was simply amazing cos we just dont have that kind of space in the UK. I would recoment an organized outback tour if you have time A friend did one from Perth which was excelant.

    I want to go out there again but don't know when that will be. I'm back at Uin now (first time for 11 years since I qualified that I've been a full time student not sure how it will be but I'll give it a go) May try to get a job swap or something out there for a year once I've finished the course. There is just so much to do and see out there for one trip.