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  1. I don't believe this ....

    My bf and I both have cell phones on the same plan under his name. It's been great ... when I call someone on my phone it says something generic with my phone #.


    Voicestream just merged with someother company and I just found out that when I call someone the caller id shows my bf's last name!!!!

    Just great .... I've called my ex several times with my phone not knowing it shows my bf's last name..... and I was trying to keep it quiet that I was dating him. (My ex doesn't need to know my personal life!!!)

    Just lovely! Needed to vent... thanks.
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  3. by   ptnurse
    You know, if he is like my hubby he probably has never noticed what the display says. My hubby would never notice something like that. Maybe your ex is equally as not "detail oriented."
  4. by   kittyw
    And think about the poor undercover cops with cell phones .... that are now exposed cause their cell phones say such-n-such police dept or state gov.
  5. by   SmilingBluEyes
    This must be stopped ASAP; ask your cell company and tell them you will terminate services as soon as your contract is up (and that you will tell everyone else you know who uses their services to do the same) if they do not stop this ASAP. That iswhat I would do. This violates your privacy and when we are unlisted, we are not subjected to this same violation when our regular numbers are unlisted. Good luck!
  6. by   semstr
    Can't you regulate this yourself on your phone?
    I can, since I put it on off, told my daughter to do the same.
  7. by   Rustyhammer
    Your cell phone probably has a caller ID block (mine does). You just have to go through a couple of miles of menu to figure it out. If you are like me you will easily have it figured out in a few hours.
  8. by   Rustyhammer
    I don't actually USE the caller ID block but it took me a long time to even figure out how to turn the ringer volume down. I am cell phone dumb is why I said a "few Hours".
    I never look at the caller ID but I know it's there. Wife always answers the phone"Hi Hon" when I call her.
  9. by   kittyw
    Originally posted by semstr
    Can't you regulate this yourself on your phone?
    I can, since I put it on off, told my daughter to do the same.
    Unfortunately my ex has a bad habit of not being where he said he would be when he said he would be.... thus I use my cell to call him to find out where the **** he is.

    But the damage is already done .... the cell phone people should have sent out a message (which the can do very easily) to alert us that the phones now had the name displayed under the caller id. See, I didn't know it was showing so I've already called several times on Tuesday to find out where he was. My ex isn't nice ... he already endangered a friend of mine while they were scuba diving. (This was when I was making the decision to leave and she supported my decision but had already paid for the trip - he's a scuba instructor.)