Call waiting a good thing...or a bad thing?

  1. the theory behind call waiting is, you can let people know you will get back to them, or they can get through in an emergency. is all out annoying!!! some people will call, and they know you have it......and they will let that damnlittle beep, beep, beep beep, and wait and wait until you pick it up. then it makes me feel rushed to get to the stupid beeping person. i think it's a bad thing! just my two cents. whats yours?

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  4. by   Sundowner
    I have a love hate relationship with call waiting.
    It is great when you or another member of the house is expecting an important call....others can still use the phone.
    But extemely annoying when you are already on an important call and ya get the beep to find it is a sales person.

    I have to give this annoying feature two thumbs up for its functional capacity in an urgent situation.
  5. by   Stargazer
    I have to give this annoying feature two thumbs up for its functional capacity in an urgent situation.
    This is why I keep it too. I first got it when I was doing on-call work for the hospital and had to be reachable by phone, but didn't want to feel like a prisoner while doing so. I keep it now because my parents have some chronic health problems and I always want them to be able to reach me emergently. That said--I often ignore it if I'm on an important call, because it's usually telemarketers!

    Rick--you know, don't you, that there's a way to deactivate Call Waiting before YOU make a call? It's a code similar to *69. Doesn't do you any good when you're the call recipient, of course, but it might help make it a teeny bit less irritating.

    I have a love/hate relationship with Call Waiting, too. Appreciate the convenience, dislike the intrusion.
  6. by   live4today
    For me personally, call waiting is a good feature to have on our phone because of our children - EVEN IF THEY ARE GROWN UP! Sometimes their calls are of an urgent nature, so I have to click over and see, but just for a second. When I click over to answer their calls, I tell them I will call them right back, then tell the party I'm talking to that I have to go and call one of my kids, and I'll get back with them later.

    One thing I try to do is respect a caller's $$$ being spent when they call me long distance. There is nothing more insulting and rude than for me to call someone long distance only to have them keep "clicking over" to the other caller during our conversation --- ON MY DIME, nonetheless!

    So, when someone calls me long distance, I will ignore the call waiting UNLESS I know beforehand that I'm waiting on an urgent call. If I notice on my caller ID that it is one of my adult kids calling, I tell the person I am talking to that I will call them back rather than have them pay for the constant interruption of my call waiting feature beeping during our conversation. They respect me for not wasting their hard earned cash.

    So, a courteous thing to do would be to remember "who" is paying for the call (if it is a long distance call) before you "click over" when the call waiting beeps for you. It is NOT a nice thing to click over to answer your call waitings, and especially click over and talk like you don't have a long distance party waiting for your return WHEN THEY ARE THE ONES PAYING FOR THE CALL in the first place.

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  7. by   CEN35
    stargazer???? you wouldn't happen to know that number would you? you know for deactivation? heck.....i didn't want it, the wife did! although, most of the time......i leave the phone off the hook anyways, when home on my own. i'm not a big phone talker, one more reason i don't like call waiting. when i do use it, some beeping idiot keeps you on the phone longer than you want to be. for me 30 seconds is the limit, say what you need and hang up lol! :d

  8. by   CEN35
    actually just another thought? pagers and cell phones......why does anybody need call waiting for an emergency? if i had a nickel for every page i get from work, and friends.....not to mention the bogus pages that were a wrong number....i would be on my way to buying a new car already!

  9. by   NurseDennie
    CEN - the turn-off for call waiting is *70 You hear a beep beep beep or something like that - just wait until it's quiet and then dial. I kept messing up by waiting for the dial tone to come back.

    I couldn't have lived through my kids' early teenage years without call waiting. They spent SOOOoo much time on the phone, and the understanding was that if a call came through for me, it took priority. They were to end the call with their friend and let me talk. Just a matter of respect.

    But I always click over to see who's calling me even now. My older daughter doesn't live with me, and to me that's like when my kids are out of the house. What if they're calling me with an emergency? So I always check to see who's calling. I have dial-up internet, and so my phone number to the ISP starts with *70,

    If you don't disable the call waiting, then you get disconnected if somebody calls you. So I have, a real-time "answering machine" when I'm online. I can disconnect and call if it's important, OR get on the cellphone and call. I love living in the .... ummmmmmm in the two-thousands? In the oh-oh's?

    I generally think of this decade as the apres-nineties!!

    I think they should issue a cell phone at birth. Forget social security numbers - assign a cellphone number and leave it at that!


  10. by   live4today
    Right on Nurse Dennie! When my kids need me, no matter where they are, I'm on it! And, speaking of teens using the phone.... It was so bad in my home when the girls lived at home that I had a second phone installed - one for them and one for me. That helped tremendously! They were NOT allowed on my private line, although I could use theirs whenever I needed to - afterall, I was the paying party of their "privilige" to even have their own phone line. Ha!
  11. by   CEN35
    thanks dennie...........and btw? i have two phone lines, so the call waiting doesn't affect me. thanks anyways.....

  12. by   NurseDennie
    I agree CEN - a second phone line would have been a more elegant solution. I couldn't afford it and now that we have the cell phone, don't need it any more.

    I like your quote. Reminds me of something that Douglas Adams wrote (imagine that!) And I misquote here, no doubt.... Anything that is invented before you were born is just part of nature. Anything that is invented before you are 30 is the new wave of the future, and you can probably get rich or create a career using it. Anything that is invented after you're 40 is unnatural, unnecessary and annoying.


  13. by   Lausana
    Here's a solution Rick...Call waiting caller id, so you can see who's on the other line and decide if you want to click over, it is wonderful! Its no extra charge if you already have caller id...I'm obsessive and have every phone gadget, lol! plus if you don't feel like clicking over, you know who called.
  14. by   kaycee
    I think it's basically a good thing. I get annoyed when someone calls me and they have call waiting and constantly put me on hold to answer their other calls.
    I can't stand the constant interruption. If I'm on hold too long I just hang up.
  15. by   hoolahan
    I HATE it. Anyone who I care about has my cell phone number, and it has a caller id, so I couldn't care less who is trying to get me. Each kid has a laminated card in their wallet with all of our numbers pagers, cells, etc, so we are reachable by ER's if they check for ID (scary thought, but we are covered.)

    I think caller waiting is THE most rude thing ever invented. Renee, you are very considerate, but not everyone is. If I am on a long distance call and get put on hold, don't expect me to be there when you get back on! I have no patience for that. Sorry, it is a pet peeve on mine.

    But then again, after I did that stint at the insurance co with that darned phone to my ear 8 hrs a day, it totally turned me off using the phone, something I was accused of doing too much of in the past, now no longer a problem!