Calculate your Social Security $$$ at Retirement...Cool Website

  1. I been wondering what kind of retirement $$$ I will be getting in 11-15 years. I googled it and came up with the government website:

    I think this is kinda cool. If I wait until 66 y/o I get almost double of what I would get at 62 years of age. The retirement ages are going up. There a place on the main page to see how old you have to be to retire. You have to be at least 22 y/o to use this site.

    I can also get retirement $$$ from the Netherlands. Netherlander's born prior to 1958 who are no longer Dutch citizens can still draw retirement. That's crazy! I doubt I will take advantage of that. My parents don't. I know that my Mothers father did when he was alive. I think that's insane. No wonder they pay over 60% in income taxes. Yikes!
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    Ouch - I've worked full time since 1977 and I will have to work until I'm 70 years old and even then hope that I remain very healthy!
  4. by   Sheri257
    Yeah ... Social Security is a ripoff. You don't really even get the money you paid into it back for several years ... assuming you live that long.

  5. by   texas_lvn
    what a jip!!! Thanks for showing us this site.
  6. by   live4today
    I saved this site to check it out later. Thanks Dutchgirl!

    I have never planned to retire from holding down a job. I think people should work until they retire from Earth...........IMPO. Okay...ya'll don't think that's funny, I know. I've been out of work over a year, but not because I don't need to work...I do which is why I'm trying to get back to some semblance of a I can work until I'm 200 years old giving to others until I can't give anymore. THEN....the Good Lord will retire me. :spin:
  7. by   Altra
    My dh & I have both received reports from SSA annually about 3 months before our birthdays for a few years now. I think they began when each of us was 36, respectively.

    Do you all get those? Very clear, easy to understand report ... and it lists all reported earnings for many, many years back so that you can spot a possible error in your reported earnings. It also indicates what benefits will be paid at age 62, 67, and age 70, and what benefits could be payable if either of us become disabled or pass away this year.
  8. by   texas_lvn
    We get those. They are green and white and large.