1. anyone own a cable box? will it still work if i get digital cable? i mean to pick up payperview and such.
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  3. by   Mattigan
    I have digital cable in livingroom and it does payperview. Regular cable in the bedroom and it doesn't.
  4. by   tiger
    i mean the OTHER box. some of my friends have one and i would like to get it.
  5. by   emily_mom
    What about satellite? Much cheaper than digital...but do you want it for the internet?

  6. by   nakitamoon
    tiger,,,, i have digitall,,,,, you get box with that,,, that allows you to access ppv,,,,,, only had digitall installed for living room,,,, still use,,,, regular cable box in bedroom,,,,, works same way,,

    happy holidays,,,,, ~kitamoon