buying new air conditioner

  1. I was hoping to get some input from anyone who has had to replace their central ac units recently. My is old, not sure how old, and now that temperatures are reaching 100F everyday, I can tell it's not working very efficient anymore. It's fine in the evening/morning time but during the hottest part of the day the air out of the vents starts getting warm. So I think it needs to be replaced. I need something more efficient anyways, maybe my electric bill won't be so high anymore.

    I've been looking on line to see about how much it would all cost but with no luck. So my question, how much did it cost for you to replace your ac system? What kind of did you get? The more expensive model or one of the cheaper ones?
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  3. by   nursenoelle
    Have you had it serviced instead ? Ours was not doing well last year, and we found ants making house big time in the outside unit. Been fine since then.
  4. by   Cynthiann
    It's so old that I'm thinking it's time to be replaced. If a new one is efficient enough so that I won't have an almost $200 electric bill, I think it will be worth the cost. I figure if I get it serviced I would have to replace it soon anyways.

    What happened once you got your serviced? Did you notice a change in you electric bill? Do you have a newer unit or an older one like I do?
  5. by   nursenoelle
    My bill went down. It was freezing up. We bought the house two years ago, and the realtor said that the unit was 2 years old. I think the one outside is older? I dunno. Have you tried calling Sears ? They may give you a quote. I think you are right. If it's really old, better replace it. I know what you mean about utility bills though. I rented this duplex once, and my bill was almost $400. That was more than the rent! The AC was ancient.