But I don't wanna go to work!

  1. I am scheduled to work a 10 hour shift today and I don't wanna go to work!

    I have been painting and in a redecorating frenzy all week and my house is thrashed and I only need *one* more day to put it to rights.

    And my husband gave me his case of the ******* plague, I feel fine it just tastes really bad when I cough (which is constantly). I have no business being around this baby but if I call off the shyt will hit the fan.

    I really hope the Mom sends me home because of the cough.
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  3. by   mintyRN
    HI Kids-r-fun,
    I work peds private duty too. I had the flu last weekend low gade temp, body aches, fatigue, cough you know the routine. The family told me to come in anyway and wear a mask! I did it, but it was rough. Hopefully the mom of your baby will be more understanding. I know what you mean about calling in, I feel like I have to be dead to do it and not catch any sh**. Hope you feel better soon.
  4. by   kids
    No such luck on getting sent home...ended up working 12 hours...I swear I spent 10 of them doing CPT, bagging in albuterol and suctioning. Yuppers...baby is sick (on abx)...the whole family has it. Baby cultured out Moraxilla so my guess is I probably caught it from her last Sunday when I worked there.

    I'll sure be glad when we can get this baby well long enough to extubate (weaned her off the vent 2 months ago), sibs attend public school so all the infection control in the world doesn't keep the colds out.

    I can't believe you worked with the flu...I wouldn't have sent you (I'mm Clinical Coord @ my location)...I would have reminded the family of our handy-dandy client service agreement that says we will attempt to staff shifts as authorized & requested BUT there is no guarantee-implied or otherwise & the ultimate responsability for care is with the parents. I've never actually had to do it tho...all of "my" parents are pretty understanding when we can't fill a shift.