Busman 's Holiday

  1. Guess where I spent Christmas Eve????????????

    The Damn Emergency Room

    My wonderful son decided to argue with the dog

    Oral surgeon etc etc

    Sutures, IV's and several hours of drunken slobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    OH WOW ain't it great to be a parent

    Never mind

    Going back today with a case of wine for all those hard working nurses

    Happy Holidays Folks

    lots of love, best wishes for the year to come

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  3. by   renerian
    Jacky I assume he got bit? Is he okay this morning. Dog bites hurt. Been bit twice.

  4. by   jevans
    Yes Hon

    One nasty 3 inch scar and 3 punture wounds

    My son is in a lot of pain----------- at the moment I've sent him to bed with analgesia

    I'm sure he won't argue with the dog again though

  5. by   semstr
    wow, merry f.....xmas! Hope he feels better soon! (I know why I like cats better)