Bush -- zoned or ozoned?

  1. http://news.independent.co.uk/world/...p?story=425893

    >>>New US demands - tabled at a little-noticed meeting in Montreal earlier this month - threaten to unravel one of the greatest environmental success stories of the past few decades, causing millions of deaths from cancer.

    >>The world was shocked to discover in the 1980s that pollution from man-made chemicals had opened a hole the size of the United States in the layer above Antarctica, and had thinned it worldwide. Led by the US, nations moved with unprecedented speed to agree the treaty, called the Montreal Protocol, in 1987 - which started the process of phasing out use of the chemicals.

    The measures have been progressively tightened ever since. Scientists reckon that they will eventually prevent 2 million cases of cancer a year in the US and Europe alone. But President Bush's new demands threaten to throw the process into reverse. <<

    apparently the US needs the pesticide, methyl bromide, for our strawberrries...
    anyone for melanoma?
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  3. by   roxannekkb
    A quote from the article you posted..."Dr Joe Farman, the Cambridge scientist who discovered the Antarctic ozone hole, added: "This is madness. We do not need this chemical. We do need the ozone layer. How stupid can people be?"

    How stupid can people be? Well, look no further than our White House. Apparently, Bush believes that the ozone layer will remain intact forever over Crawford, TX, and he has nothing to fear.

    This man is dumber than I ever thought.