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  1. I'm putting this on the off topic board because I think this is a great website to go to. Lots of info here to absorb. It addresses the nurse shortage in many ways since having read the messages for a long time I have noticed how badly nurses feel treated in school and on the job by teachers and employers. Hope you guys like the site and learn something from it. I know I did. It is www.bullyonline.org
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  3. by   SmilingBluEyes
    Very interesting. I was the endlessly-sought target all thru school of bullies (red hair, freckles and nerd clothes, I guess).....I still remember the pain.

    I have since brought up my son to NEVER tolerate it and NEVER perpetrate himself. It is a HUGE issue and leads to numerous days lost in productivity in school, work and worse, can lead to serious injury and death. Bullies today don't work w/just their fists; now they bring knives, guns and cyber terrorist techniques to their arsenals. Thanks for this info! I will pass it on to a couple friends dealing w/bullying in the school.