Burglar Forced to Clean House...! Way to go!

  1. a burglar in montgomery chose the wrong family to mess with, literally. adrian and tiffany mckinnon returned home on tuesday after a week away to find that thieves had emptied almost everything the family owned.

    "tears just rolled down my face as i walked in and saw everything gone and piles of trash all over my home," she said.

    adrian mckinnon sent his wife to see her sister while he inspected the piles left behind. as he walked back into the sunroom, a man walked through the back door straight into him."my husband adrian caught the thief red-handed in our home"
    adrian mckinnon held the suspect, 33-year-old tajuan bullock, at gunpoint, "we made this man clean up all the mess he made, piles of stuff, he had thrown out of my drawers and cabinets onto the floor," tiffany mckinnon said.

    when police arrived, bullock complained about being forced to clean the home at gunpoint for over 2 hours.
    "this man had the nerve to complain about us making him clean up the mess he made in my house," she said. "the police officer laughed at him when he complained and said anybody else would have shot him dead."

    capt. huey thornton, a police spokesman, said police arrested bullock at 2 p.m. tuesday on burglary and theft charges. he was being held in the montgomery county detention facility on a $30,000 bond.

    information from: montgomery advertiser, http://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com
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  3. by   Diary/Dairy
    I read this article too - That's great. I can't believe the burgler complained about having to clean up his mess. Some people....
  4. by   Spidey's mom
    Great story!

  5. by   ElvishDNP
    That is a very cool story.