1. what is your favorite fast food burger?
  2. Poll: favorite fast food burger?

    • burger king

      28.85% 15
    • jack-in-the-box

      5.77% 3
    • sonic

      7.69% 4
    • wendys

      30.77% 16
    • whataburger

      5.77% 3
    • mcdonalds

      9.62% 5
    • fat burger

      0% 0
    • in and out

      5.77% 3
    • none of the above

      5.77% 3
    52 Votes
  3. 24 Comments

  4. by   Fgr8Out
    LOL... at first all I saw was "In and Out" 100%.... then I realized I was the first one to vote...:: forehead smack ::

  5. by   tiger
    hey, fgr8out, thanks for replying. you are in reno, right? i'm in vegas. not much a fan of in and out. i like fat burger and sonic here. in texas i liked whataburger best of all. i miss it.
  6. by   Paprikat
    I LOVE Whopper Jr's with cheese. MMMMmmmm.
    Don't have a Jack in the Box in Canada, but did drive to Bellingham, Wa., to get one of those cool antenna balls, but never had a burger. Are Jack in the Boxes all over the states or is it a western state thing? Just curious.
  7. by   hapeewendy
    duh wendy's of course!
    and it has nothing to do with the namesake......
    square burgers are just cool okay?
    besides I should be mad as heck , I was tortured during my childhood - u know "hey wheres dave?"
    and "you dont have red hair and freckles, youre fired!" etc
    but seriously, a square burger...thats just great
  8. by   nursedawn67
    My favorite is McDonald's, but really I love any hamburger...its my favorite food!
  9. by   Dplear
    White Castle....but unfortunately that was not on the list.

    UMMMMMM....grease bombs....

  10. by   NurseDennie
    EWWWW - I'm obviously older than you guys. Yeucchh, I can't stand the thought of a hamburger. There was a Jack-in-the Box in Columbia Mo, when I was there in college (the first time in the early '70's) but I hadn't seen them anywhere except in the West since that time until just now. They're all over Nashville, now.

    My daughter loves them and my hubby does too - they make a very large, completely gray some sort of cheeseburger thingie.

    But they make... duhhhhhhh - senior moment - it's considered a kind of Chinese food, it's vegetables shredded and wrapped up in a wrapper and fried. I cannot remember the name of them. But they're 99 cents at Jack-in-the-Box and they're GOOD!

    Oh that makes me mad when that happens!! I'll think of this term at about 0200 no doubt.


    Eggrolls Dennie?

    By the way...

    My favorite burgers are the huge juicy ones you can get at the local bar & grill, not any of the mass produced meat product burgers you get at a fast food places. Besides, you can't get a beer at Wendy's or McDonalds

  13. by   Cindy_A
    Love those flame-broiled burgers at BK! But the burgers I get off my own grill are the BEST!!! Yum-Yum!
  14. by   bhart
    None of the above - my favorites are the ones that I make myself on the grill, dripping with cheese and bbq sauce.
  15. by   LilgirlRN
    Wendy's of course...it's the closest fast food to my house. Can't tell ya how many patients say "you own that hamburger place?" To which I answer, yeah right, like I would be workin here if I did! Wendy