Bulletin Board Flame Wars

  1. Hi folks. . .

    Every so often, here at "Allnurses.com" there's the occasional thread flame war . . .

    Just came from another Bulletin Board that I frequently visit. It's music/recording based. Came across a small flame war over computer platforms.

    If you're interested in a really different view on life, check it out. . .


    This particular thread got so out of control it had to be closed. Don't worry though, you can still read it (at least for now!)



    (Musicians can be so silly sometimes!)
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  3. by   micro
    so can nurses, silly that is
  4. by   Mkue
    omg Ted, glad the moderator closed that one ! It went from PC's and Macs to Hitler in a hurry.

    thanks, marie
  5. by   micro
    slowly going into a couple new discussion groups.........
    arguments and debates are cool, but out and out hate and flames are not........at least for micro

    thx, Ted.........
    keep on rockin' and algorithming'