Build your Dream House!!

  1. Ok, so you hit the Lottery, and you're taking a year off to travel while your Dream Home is under construction.

    Tell us, what does it look like??? What features MUST your Dream House have??

    My musts:

    2 car garage

    HUGE master bedroom upstairs next walk-in closet and utility room/bath with huge sunken whirlpool tub

    each bedroom to have a full bath and walk-in closet

    balcony off the 2nd floor kitchenette so hubs can smoke in peace

    flat roof so hubs can have his antenna farm

    hugehandicapped-accessible bathroom/kitchenette downstairs with br, walk-in closet and lr for elderly family members.

    --oh! and a garbage disposal in the kitchen sink and central ac/heat

    special thanks to andrewsgranny and her HGTV Dream House link for the idea for this thread

    edited: forgot to add--- the outside is along the lines of a CA or FL mission-style stucco, maybe with some faux wrought iron touches....
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  3. by   memphispanda
    My dream home...
    Very simple really!

    There are 5 people in my family. We need to have 5 bedrooms, each with an attached bathroom.

    There needs to be at least one additional half bathroom for visitors.

    The master bedroom will be located away from the children's rooms and noisy living areas. Maybe it's in a separate house. LOL

    There needs to be a playroom/craft room for the children.

    There needs to be an office/study/exercise room for the adults.

    The kitchen must be BIG with room for a table and chairs.

    The closets have to all be walk-in type.

    The pantry must be walk-in also.

    There should be some covered outdoor area like a screened in porch.

    There have to be full-grown trees in the yard.

    I am sure I could go on and on and on...
  4. by   ShandyLynnRN
    hmm, can our dream home include a maid/cook?
  5. by   Sleepyeyes
    sure; I think they have those auto-vacuum thingies that are like the auto-mower thingies....

    don't they?

    but, since you hit the Lottery, sure you can have a real live maid!! why not??

    so you're saying your Dream House would have maid/cook quarters??
  6. by   xantha31669
    I actually would keep what I have, just add a master bedroom suite with a giant bath with a jacuzzi tub and seperate shower, I would also have the toilet be in it's own little area, so when my hubby is fumigating the bathroom in the AM, I can still get ready and not wait for the fans to clear the room!! I would like it to have a sitting area and a walk-in closet. By doing this I could give each of kids their own room and have three full baths. I might put an enclosed porch on the back or enclose our pool. I would love to be able to swim all year!

    Oh well you can't win if you don't play and I rarely play.

  7. by   2ndCareerRN
    A u shaped loft library above the very large great room.

    With a brass firepole at one end of the u for quick access to the first floor.

    Everything else is just fluff.

  8. by   CountrifiedRN
    All the bedroom stuff that everyone has already said, and two rec rooms. One for the kids, and one for the adults. The adults would have a pool table and a large home entertainment center with one of those flat large screen digital TV's, and a surround sound system. Also a small dance floor and stereo system, and maybe a disco ball, lol.

    In the back yard an olympic size inground pool with a huge patio and a pool house to shower and change in.

    A guest house for when family comes.

    I could go on and on and on!
  9. by   Mkue
    I love my home but a dream home would include:

    indoor/outdoor pool
    beachfront property
    guest house would be good too
    would love to have a library
  10. by   NurseWeasel
    Greenery! As in pine and cedar trees, rhododendrons, plants galore, can't-see-the-neighbors-house dense forest... Wait, I think I'm describing Seattle or Portland! Only it wouldn't be so rainy and cold and windy. We'd actually have half the year with fluffy, clean white snow on the ground and temps around 27, and half the year sunny and bright with temps around 87. Yeah. I'm there. In my dreams, anyway! Oh, and... very few people around. Since I'm dreamin, ya know! :chuckle
  11. by   cactus wren
    WOw, neat to dream...

    Dream house...lets see....Must be either a hay bale or adobe....set on 20 acres...tall fence around entire place...Big 4 or 5 bedrooms...for visiting in housekeeper, pool ,huge lawn....separate studio, with good light..

    gotta remember to buy ticket.....
  12. by   thatldo
    aww one can only dream.

    3 car garage, only because I have alot of junk.
    den combination kitchen, w/fireplace.
    a closed in "pooper" w/window in bathroom.
    a walk in shower for my hubby.
    a sunroom/screened room in room front & back.
    kennel for strays that I pick up and that manage to find me.
    an indoor riding arena.
    a paved driveway, (my driveway is 1/4 mile long)!
    a built in entertainment center!

    oh and a paved walkway from house to barn and surrounding outbuildings for the wheelchair that my husband uses, because I get so dang mad at the way those grooved tires pick up dirt, mud etc!

    Thanks for the dream, I have to wake up now!
  13. by   Beach_RN
    I love my house.... but if I was to DREAM! It would be a Center Hall Colonial, with a huge foyer....we would have 3 bedrooms upstairs each with their own bath and walk in closet.... the MBR to have the works..... balcony, jacuzzi, his and hers walk in closets and a fireplace....... and the Laundry room must be upstairs...

    1 large bedroom downstairs with their own bath for guests!

    HUGE kitchen that opens into the family room with a HUGE fireplace, middle island, Granite counter tops, cherry cabinets and stainless steel appliances... built in entertainment center in family room....and a VERY Big deck off the family room and kitchen, with french doors and that retractable Awning!

    Formal living room and formal dining room.... and huge finished basement that doubles as work out room and huge rec room, have the bar, pool table.... a great place for the kids to hang out with thier friends when their teens!

    3 Car Garage, Inground pool is a must with a heater, as well as a jacuzzi....and pavers all around the pool area, some of the pavers would have the lights inside of them..... Pool cabana.. with a bathroom and shower B/C I hate when people come in the house all wet to use the bathroom.. grrrrrrrrr! the cabana would also have a mini kitchen... oh and a tiki bar! got have the tiki bar for parties!

    OH an a big SHED...... to house all the xmas Decorations, landscaping tools, pool toys...

    AAAahhhhh to dream! Oh and I would purchase 1 block from the beach.... so I could still have ocean views.. without worrying about beach erosion..... or better yet I would build it on the Bay.....
  14. by   baseline
    In Sedona