Bug Hollar Road....Now that's appropriate!!

  1. I had a pt to see way out in the boonies, I passed Bear Hollow Road, Bug Hollow Road, Flat Duck Road and then there it was...... Mud Hollar Road.

    The driveway was very steep, slanted and very rough. I was in a truck. A car could never have gotten up it. I didn't get up it, almost... almost to the top but just could get there. I parked and slepped (walked) the rest of the way to the house. It was a not so nice uphill jaunt.

    I finished my visit, it had started pouring buckets, I get back to the truck and put it in reverse to just back down the driveway. Wrong! the driveway had gotten very muddy and my back tires had sunk into the mud. I think ok, I'll call Triple A Emergency Service. It'll take them forever to find me but still I'm so glad I have that service, makes me feel secure. Especially since dh is OOT.

    Ah....wait....no cell phone service out here, great, what now? I slep back to the house. Now soaking wet from the trip back down to the car and then back to the house. Call Triple A. Sorry, we have no record of your membership. What! I sent you $187 for a family renewal just 3 weeks ago!?, Sorry we have no record of your membership.

    I call the office, oh poor thing, someone will come and get you. Hey! I don't want to and can't leave my truck out here. I need my wheels. Then the tears begin to fall. "Bless your heart Honey".(Honestly that's not helping one bit!) Ok never mind I'll figure out something. I'll call you back in a little while. You may have to send a wrecker after me and pay for it too. "Ok Honey, Bless Your Heart".

    So...I go back to the truck. I'm determined to get the truck down that dammned driveway. I go in first, nothing, second, nothing, reverse, nothing, just digging myself in deeper. Great, now I'm hungry, I have to pee really bad, I'm thirsty and my head is hurting now. This forsaken driveway goes off into four directions so I figure anyone I see would be safe to flag down. These people gotta be used to these situations considering everyone's driveway on Mud Hollar Rd is mud. Hence, the name I suppose. 30 minutes goes by and I'm considering getting out of the car to pee. Whose gonna see me anyway? Just then I see a large truck with large tires. I get out and jump up and down trying to get his attention. Wow, here he comes. Can you help me out here?
    Yup... I been out here 22 years and this happens every time it rains. He has chains in the back of his truck. He pulls me down the long driveway backwards. Cool, I'm back on pavement!

    It'll be another 45 minutes back to civilization, a bathroom, a coke machine, some Advil! I was never so glad to see a Quickie Mart in my whole life.

    I get back to the office. "oh you know what? You're scheduled back there on Friday". Well "you know what? I'm not going. Send someone with a big truck, one of the male nurses". Ok honey, no problem, "Bless Your Heart".
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  3. by   traumaRUs
    I am so sorry but you draw such a vivid picture I was laughing so hard I could hardly type.
  4. by   DutchgirlRN
    Quote from traumaRUs
    I am so sorry but you draw such a vivid picture I was laughing so hard I could hardly type.

    It is funny now that it's over! I'm glad I can look back and laugh.
    Worst day in HH is still better than best day on Med/Surg! :spin:
  5. by   Spidey's mom
    My dh routinely drives "the Humbug road" . . . . "Buttlake Road" . . . ."Pittville Road" . . . .

    And we live in California!

  6. by   MLF
    Dutchgirl: How funny!! Sorry-I, too, have been stuck in bad situations that seem impossible. You do paint a funny picture of it, though. Good idea to send someone else!!
  7. by   muffie
    dutchie, what a rotten story for you yet funny to read
  8. by   DutchgirlRN
    Today we had a nurses meeting. The other nurses heard my story. One sweet innocent young nurse with a big monster truck said she'd be glad to go on Friday. Apparently PT has already discharged her this week so the super says, go ahead and discharge her from nursing on Friday. Woo Hoo!
    Music to my ears. I looked at her and said "Bless your little pea picking heart honey". We all just laughed!
  9. by   DDRN4me
    :roll :roll :roll Dutchgirl, bless your heart !!! you made me laugh so hard i woke up Phantom!!!(the pup)

    its amazing the adventures you go on when you are a hh nurse!
    makes you wonder why anyone wants to work indoors!!