brush with greatness

  1. when I was senior in high school in 1972 18 year olds had just been given the right to vote. Loyola (SIC) univ. in chicago had an "Emergency conference for young voters" and I rode the ND student union bus to the conference. at several of the small group meeting there were 2 guys that were makeing odd comments. You know the ones that make 18 year old girls blush. Later that night at the large meeting the entertainment for the night were these same guys.....Cheech and Chong! Do you have a brush with greatness too?
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  3. by   Q.
    I did!!!

    While in NYC about 4 years ago, I was walking down the street and saw a big commotion up ahead, as well as a limo. Tony Bennett was performing at the club about 2 blocks up, and the media as well as fans were all clamoured around, trying to take pictures as he was being hustled in. I wanted to avoid the crowd (plus I was irritated that I couldn't see him perform anyway) so we turned the corner and went down the other block. I didn't realize that we were actually walking BEHIND the club to which he was performing, and, me being the clutz I am, bumped right smack into a man's chest with full force. Before I knew what was happening, two men grabbed me and pulled me back, and then the man I bumped into said "take it easy" to the other two men. I looked up and I was 2 INCHES from Tony Bennett!!!!!!! He was just about to enter the back entrance to the club with these apparently, two security men. He outstretched his hand and shook mine, winked at me, and entered the club. I was speechless.
  4. by   Brian
    My 14 yo niece is a huge Backstreet Boys (BSB) Fan. Last year we got some tickets to a BSB concert in Iowa, we went and stayed in a hotel in Iowa. My wife took my niece to the concert and when they came back they noticed that the band was staying at our hotel too! My niece was so excited!!!!! They were all downstairs in the atrium at the bar, so I took my niece down there and we hung out with the band for like 2 hours and got pictures and autographs etc… There were no other fans there, so my niece had them to herself.
    They were all pretty cool and friendly. Needless to say, that will be a day my niece will never forget Guess who her favorite uncle is
  5. by   fiestynurse
    I have had many brushes with famous politicians, entertainers, etc. (I wouldn't exactly use the word greatness) But, the time that stands out in my mind the most, was when I was on a date at the Playboy Club in Lake Geneva. (No, I wasn't working there)
    I was watching a performance by Frankie Avalon and he asked for a volunteer from the audience. My friends all pointed to me and held up my hand. He asked me to come on stage, where I sat in a chair while he sang "Can't Take My Eyes of You" to me. I was only 20 years old and I remember feeling so wonderful afterwards. Unfortunately, the night ended with my date demanding that I sleep with him because he had "spent so much money on me", when I refused, he would not take me home and I had to call a cab. But, I did not let him ruin my special memory with Frankie!
  6. by   Zee_RN
    The guy I was dating at the time (about 1983?) was an aspiring comedian (or so he thought). He dragged me around to comedy clubs all over the city. On the other side of town, we saw a comedian named Dennis Miller perform. My boyfriend went up to see him after the show and found out Dennis' car had broken down and my BF offered to take him to his lodgings. So, Dennis Miller rode in my car for about 20 minutes in 1983! My brush with fame. Can't say I remember too much more than that and he wasn't too famous at the time. (Fiestynurse, I remember meeting Frankie Avalon once, too...he shook my hand but I was only around 13 years old and didn't really know who he was). For you Pittsburghers out there, I met Mel Blount a couple of times (what an impressive specimen of a man!).
  7. by   night owl
    When I was about 12 y/o, Jackie Kennedy bought a house in the town where I lived in NJ. (horse country) You'd see her in church on Sundays and riding around in a Benz. One day I had to go to the drug store for my mom and as I pulled up in front of the store on my bike, Jackie got out of an old beater station wagon, a 64' ford galaxy. She got out of the wagon and was dressed in a beautiful red velvet pant suit. She went into the drug store and went straight for the "true confessions" magazines, stood there and was reading all the garbage they used to print about her. I said to the pharmacist,"How come you don't yell at her for reading magazines, but you always yell at us when we read the comic books???" He replied,"Because she's Jackie Kennedy and you're not!" Well Jackie laughed so hard and then she bought me a comic book bless her heart...
  8. by   Robin61970
    I have had 2 of these that I can think of....when I was the military they asked for volunteers to help "run the flag" at the Citrus bowl in Florida. We had to pull a huge flag out while Lee Greenwood sang "God Bless the USA" HE came over and talked to us all for a while and we got to shake his hand.

    In 1991 when I lived in Va. Beach VA. there was a little restuarant/bar called the Jewish Mother(they had to die for deserts!)and they always had acts that were trying to make it big. The week of my 21st birthday I went to see a group and afterwards my friend told them it was my birthday so they bought me a drink and I chatted with a man named Darius for about a half hour. Had a blast..they were really nice and down to earth people....well years later they did make it big....They were "Hootie and the Blowfish" Wish I had gotten an autograph!
  9. by   neonnurse2
    The only brush with greatness that I encountered was standing next to Dr. Ruth Westheimer and the Sanck Well cookie man.
    p.s. lpn, I LMAO at Sister Mary Elephant by Cheech and Chong!! Classs, class?!? SHUT UUUUUUPPPPPP!!!!!!!

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  10. by   hoolahan
    My only brush with fame was when I was about 7 years old. My grandparents had taken us to New Hope Pa for the day, and we were eating in a restaurant. In walked Kay Ballard, who was very popular at that time, in the show The Mothers-In-Law, most of you probably never even heard of it, it hasn't been in Nick-at-Night either! Anyway, I start excitedly telling gramps who I saw, he looked at said I must be mistaken, but then I saw the waitresses getting her autograph. My grandfather encg'd me to get one too, but I was too afraid to approach her by myself, wish he would have come up with me.

    My family did have a magical moment at Disney world, we were the only ones at a character dinner, and we had Goofy (my FAVE) and Chip and Dale all to ourselves. They were so wonderful to my children, Goofy with his 4 fingers, fed jello to my kids, fed mashed potatoes to me, was standing behind me (I didn't know it) and imitating my every move, which set my children, 6 and 8 at the time, into hysterics, then they each grabbed a kid and danced them around the room. I think that was the absolute happiest moment I have ever had watching the pure joy on my kids faces. I wrote a really nice letter to Disney with the date and times, hoping they could track down these VERY special actors and give them a raise!
  11. by   tiger
    well, we saw della reese at a casino in vegas but didn't talk to her, then we saw the guy who played tommy on martin at a casino but again didn't talk to him, then i met mike tyson at a barbeque joint here in vegas and i shook his hand and said hello. when i was leaving with my hands full he held the door for me. he was very polite--not what i expected from all the stories you read. and we used to live next door to mr. candyman. i met him years later and he was nice too. j
  12. by   tiger
    sorry, i think it was mr. peppermint. j
  13. by   Dplear
    I was in Vegas in the way back from an assignment in San Francisco..(not strike breaking...LOL) I stayed at the Stratosphere and they were filming an episode of Chicago Hope there. Well I was playint the 25cent slots and the person next to me was Mark Harmon also playing the quarter slots..we sat there and talked probably about an hour, and when I told him I was a nurse, he got me a walk by part in the episode. I came up to Mandy Patakin and asked him for directions. I do not know if that part got in the episode or not..but that was my claim to fame and I also got 400 bucks for being an extra with a talking part...not too bad(lost it all at the slots luck)
  14. by   CEN35
    Well it depends on your defenition of greatness. Everybody's defenition is defferent.

    Let's ee....1995 Cleveland friends friend, was Jose Mesa's nephew. We went over Jose's house for lunch before a game, and then went down to the locker room area to hang out a while, then to the area where the players families sit to watch the game. We beat Chicago 10-1 I beleive? Then we got to go back in and hang with the guys for a while. They were all very nice, except for Albert Belle (who seemed to me to be kinda stuck on himself).
    I also met Bob Golic, Brian Brennan, Kevin Mack and Bernie Kosar once (if your a Browns fan you know who these guys are).
    Met Muhamad Ali when I was a kid. (Can't remember what I did with his autogragh )
    Also was able to meet a few singers and rockers in the past, which was kinda neat.

    Thats about it I guess?

    Oh yeah the MD that came up with the idea and made the PEG tube! An awesome guy, and really into teaching. Dr Ponskey!!