brother was missing in the big apple!

  1. my hands are still shaking!!!!! while watching the news tuesday night at 11.45pm(sydney,australian time!). i could'nt believe my eyes!!!!! my first thought was for my brother, who was working in n.y for the summer. I tried ringing him for 7 hours and could,nt get through. I was terrified. at last this morning, he called me crying, he was badly shaken but alright. i want to thank all the people of new york city for your brave efforts in helping people to brother wants to thank you too. don't give up until the last person is found. my prayers go out to you all.
    sincere thanks joanie
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  3. by   GPatty
    Bless you Child, and bless your brother also. I am thanking God above that he is all right. Now we all need to gather together in prayer for the others who may not have gotten out safely. Please pray for the lost and for the families.
    God bless you...
  4. by   kaycee
    I'm so glad your brother is well and safe. Pray for all the others!
  5. by   CashewLPN
    thank god, he's okay...
    god bless....

  6. by   klhs
    Joanie -

    I now how you feel... my brother works at the Pentagon, his office is half of a section away from where the plane hit... I heard the news and immediately began trying to call... finally my mother got through.. he had gotten ready for work and just before time to leave, he decided not to go in! I know my family came close to being in the shoes of so many others... and I thank God he spared us. It breaks my heart to see the families of those missing wandering the streets of NY searching for there loved ones....and I am angry that someone came to our country and destroyed so many lives as well as the feeling of safety. My daughter (11 yrs. old), is terrified of the thought of war, and doesn't understand how something like this happened in America... I can't explain it because I still don't understand either....
  7. by   joanie71
    Thanks everyone for letting me sound off. All my family are in Ireland , so when this happaned I felt very isolated and cut off. my prayers are still being said for all the families that still have people missing and for all those who have died. Thanks .