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  1. Any theatre fans out there? Christina, jt, do you get down to Broadway for any shows now and then? I just moved to CT in Jan and am only an hour and a half train ride into Grand Central.
    I saw One Flew over the Coocoo's nest /c Gary Sinese in the Jack Nicholson role in March @ the Royale Theatre on W 45th St. Awesome performance! Awesome cast. Very nice experience for my first Broadway experience. My brother and I got cheap seats($25) that were just as good as the $85 tickets. Times Square was buzzing like a frigging 10 billion gigiwatt something or other /c everyone scrammbling to get to their shows! Very cool to see a big name Hollywood guy in the intimate, live setting of the theatre.
    A couple of Saturdays ago, in fact the day /p they found the Anthrax @ NBC, I spontaneously decided to take a train in and try to catch an afternoon show. A big old F**K the terrorists! That city is amazing and they're making people afraid to go there? F**K that! Anyway...There were over 100 people standing in line for the Producers and the staff made an announcement that there were only about 12 tickets available. Went looking for another show and stummbled upon the Henry Miller Theatre on W 43rd st that was covered by Plywood on the outside /c the title Urinetown spraypainted all over and a great reveiw from the NY Times posted. There were a few people standing outside so I checked @ the box office where they told me it was sold out but there were 20 $25 tickets on sale @ 11:00 (30 min wait). So I waited. This was my first musical so I didn't know what to expect, but the show was great. The theatre must have only held 300-400 people and again my $25 seat was just as good as everyone else's $85 ticket. It was a story about a town /c a severe water shortage so they banned private toilets and charged the poor townspeople to use the public toilets and if they were caught peeing in the bushes they were sent to "Urinetown" and never heard from or seen again. It had a 40's/50's feel to it, very schticky. They made fun of musicals w/ stereotypical dance moves. They made fun of the ubsurdity of naming a musical Urinetown. There was a water corporation who the townspeople revolted against. The naive daughter of the water corporation's president fell in love c/ the leader of the revolt. The narrator played a policeman who was always having these funny fatherly talks c/ a little girl from town "Little Sally". The president of the water company "Caldwell B. Cladwell" was played by Dr. Green Father on ER. Great show. Great cast. Great experience for my first musical.
    I want to go back down soon to see another show. Maybe Contact @ the Lincoln Center. There's no seats available for The Producers until April. Anyone know of any other good shows to see?
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  3. by   ICUBecky
    I Love "Rent". i've seen it 3 times already...and i'm going to see it again in march!! however...i took my parents w/ me the last time, and the didn't really like it. they said they couldn't relate to the story. it's about gays, AIDS, love, death and dying. so it might be somewhat generational. i'm 23 y/o. it's a great musical...more rock opera, than classical.

    others i suggest:
    the phantom of the opera
    miss saigon
    les miserables
    jesus christ superstar
    joseph and the amazing technicolor dreamcoat

    most of these are off broadway now...i think...but still really good. they also are all musicals. i haven't really seen any "talking" plays so i don't have any suggestions on those. if you like ballets...well you are in the right place. all of the ballet troups in new york are definitely worth seeing.

    welp...that's my take!!
  4. by   semstr
    So talking about shows and musicals and stuff.............I am really spoiled living where I do!
    Visit the Opera once a month and see the greatest singers and dancers of this moment. We've got an abonement, that means once a month on a fix date we go to the opera and watch and enjoy!

    then we always have musicals here, I watched JC superstar, Hair,Evita, 42. street (the NY-Group), Cats, Elisabeth (about the Empress Sisi), Sigmund, Phantom of the Opera, Jekell and Hyde, West side story, My fair lady and more smaller ones.

    last night we went to see mr. Daivd Copperfield. Amazing show!!!
    The security was amazing too though! Never seen something like that!! Everybody (including little kids) had a body visitation, softdrink bottles were taken away (also the poo-bear-bottle of the little boy in front of me) and the show started 1/2 hour late because of this.
    Nobody knew security was going to be that precise, so (we too) came 15 minutes before the show started........... well that was a people-don't get angry- show - won't start without you- jam!

    I understand more security, but isn't it a little bit overdone to take 5 years old their bottle with juice away? and have them body visitation too?
    (BTW there weren't any special threats against David Copperfield were there?)

    take care, Renee
  5. by   e-nurse
    I think I'm going to head down to see Les Miserables next w/e. I'll let you all know how it is. Anyone know of any good shows to see in San Fran? I'm going to be out there in Dec.
  6. by   e-nurse
    I got a ticket to the mother of all musicals right now- The Producers. It's been completely sold out since it started last april but I just happened to check online for tics and they had one for the matinee show on Wednesday. I have to work 7p to 7a on Tuesday, but I'll just have to sleep on the train ride down. I couldn't pass up the opportunity. Matthew Broderick and Nathan Lane are only contracted through March 17 so it's my only chance to see them shine on the small stage.
    I'm also very excited that I got tickets to The Graduate w/ Alicia Silverstone, Kathleen Turner, and Jason Biggs (America Pie movies) in March for the second night.
    I also will have to see The Sweet Smell of Success starting Feb 23rd w/ John Lithgow (first time on Broadway since 1988!). This was hugely successful in Chicago w/out Lithgow. Just waiting til the next schedule comes out to order tics.
    I'll let you know how they all are. I can't wait!
  7. by   CashewLPN
    ok... even though I live about 45 minutes away from b-way, I've only seen 2 musicals on b-way...
    'The Civil War'- very shortlived, but very good...
    'Rocky Horror Show'-- best show known to man... very good...(I saw it with Jerry Springer as the narrator.)
    but, both are no longer on b-way....
    boo hoo...

  8. by   kids
    Originally posted by Yeti1313LPN
    'Rocky Horror Show'-- best show known to man...--Barbara
    AHH you sweet young girl...was doin' the Rocky Horror thing about the time you were born...drug my kids to the midnight showings once they were old enough not to need many explainations...Andrea was the best toast tosser ya ever saw. I stood in line to buy the video, we still dust it off now and then and initiate ourselves a virgin.

    Would perform un-natural acts to see it live.

  9. by   semstr
    Last saturday we went to Vienna English Theatre and saw an ensemble of the Second City from Chicago!!
    They were absolutely great!! Had a few good laughs!

    Take care, Renee
  10. by   nicola
    I've become quite spoiled living in NYC! Since living here I've seen Aida, Kiss Me Kate, Rent (loved it!!!), Rocky Horror Show (agree with the above review!!!), Stomp, JC Superstar and lots more... I was blessed to see Les Mis in London - a memorable night that was! OH! Took my mother to see Chicago in Oct - was her first B'way show.

    I love theatre and will cheerfully eat PB &J for a week to afford tix!

    At the moment I really wanna see Lion King, The Producers and Blue Man Group!
  11. by   Ted
    Love theater!

    Favorite shows seen on Broadway was Passions, Chicago, The King and I (was my first Broadway show . . . saw it when i was a kid). Saw a couple of great Off-Broadway shows as well!

    There are a lot of great "Regional" , "Summer Stock" and "Community" theaters that offer a great, less-expensive alternative to the pricey Broadway shows. Some other favorite, and well-produced shows seen at the summer-stock and community theater level include: Into the Woods, Jesus Christ Superstar, Guys and Dolls, Nunsense, Godspell, A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Forum. . . just to name a few. Although I love going to Broadway shows, I've seen some top-notch productions that were "way, way, way off broadway"!!!

    Oh yea, I also love a little musical-comedy about nursing and healthcare titled, "Who's Got the Keys?" Seen it several times!!

    My favorite Musical composer: Stephen Sondheim.


  12. by   Marijke

    However most of it I do on stage (semi professional). I also love to go to the theatre and take in any show I can.
    This coming summer I will be involved in a production of Evita and am looking forward to it. Probably just chorus, but that's good enough.
    I have however a lot of problems maintaining my habit due to the shiftwork. Unfortunately I can't call in sick to go to rehearsals (darn). Doing it is however one of the best things I can imagine to maintain my sanity.