breast cancer awareness month

  1. hey!!! you!! yeah, you!!! did you do a bse this month? and/or did you encourage(or assist) you partner to do one????

    fund free mammograms

    thank you..please return to you regularly scheduled
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  3. by   Q.
    Great thread Sunnygirl.

    Another great website for activities r/t breast CA, both locally and nationally:

    Race for the Cure!
  4. by   shygirl
    Did you hear on the news tonight that self exams are not useful? I couldn't believe it. They said that it does not detect CA like we were told!

  5. by   Q.
    Hmm, no I didn't. Although I admit I don't watch the news AT ALL!

    Perhaps SBE aren't as useful as we thought, but definitely awareness and education are!

    When my mom had breast CA, back in 1983, one breast was signifcantly larger than the other, had dimpling, nipple discharge, etc. Hard to believe anyone would ignore those seemingly "obvious" signs of CA, but back then, SBE and other educational promotions weren't even heard of. My mom figured something was wrong, but certainly not cancer. We were in the process of moving to Las Vegas permanently at the time, so she put off going to her MD, until in Vegas she had no choice BUT to go. She was diagnosed there, had her mastectomy here in Milwaukee, and continued chemo/rad in Vegas.

    Moral of the story? Some lumps aren't detectable by SBE, no doubt about that. Mammograms and awareness are STILL the best prevention for early detection and survival.
  6. by   darla80
    Suzy K

    I must agree with you

    AWARENESS is key to survival

    I work in an internal medicine office and I am a BIG proponent of SBE and mammograms.

    Weekly.. women say to me .."oh thats not necessary anymore"

    It gives me chance to remind them of the importance of being aware of our bodies and the subtle signals our bodies give.

    There are soo many success stories from mammo and SBE exams

    Hope your mom is doing okay now!

    Here is to the survivors!! ;-)
    Joy and Smiles
  7. by   Love-A-Nurse
    originally posted by shygirl
    did you hear on the news tonight that self exams are not useful? i couldn't believe it. they said that it does not detect ca like we were told!

    yes, i did. i believe it said that we (women) are not doing it correctly (if at all) and this is why is not the effective for detection.

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