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  1. I was told yesterday that I would be needing braces. I am planning to have these put on June 2. (only the top ones for right now). Can anybody tell me from past experience what I will be experiencing, any advice, things to stay away from. He gave me the choice of the porcelain one that you can hardly see or the silver metal ones. What is your experience with these?
    Thanks Hissy :kiss
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  3. by   Nurse Ratched
    I had braces as an adult. I got gold colored ones - they were unique and I think actually stood out less than the silver. You can expect tenderness and discomfort for 1-2 days each time they are tightened. You can expect to become fixated with your oral hygiene to a degree that would make even the severest OCD patient think you had a problem . You can anticipate not eating popcorn or chewing gum for the next 2 years or so. And you can expect that you will be THRILLED with the results when you are done (especially if you have a gap like I did!)
  4. by   eltrip
    Thanks for the words of encouragement, Nurse Ratched! I'll be getting mine in a week or two as well! I've been told, though, that mine will be removable when I eat...should be interesting, that's for sure!
    My problem was that I had an overbite, Teeth behind each other, when I smiled, the upper lip would go under and I was embrassed to smile. He said that this would fix all of my problems and I would look to be a totally different person. My jaw line would look different, he said it may even turn out where I would have cheek bones. I figured as long as I have the insurance, I better get this done before I start clinicals (if I get in the program) and lose the insurance.

    He said we are looking for 39 months of a long friendship. He seems to be a really nice dentist. The last ortho dentist I went to wanted to do surgery. He said he would have to break the jawbone and rewire me shut blahblahblah. This dentist said we did not have to do any kind of surgery. Wahoo....
  6. by   kcsunshyn8
    Hey what about invisalign? I wear them right now and almost finished(I've had it for about a year and a half). I had a baby tooth up until the age of 19(yeah i know can u believe it?) but only b/c the permanent one came in behind it...way behind it. So i had to get my baby tooth pulled and then I had this horrible gap in my teeth for a few months while I waited patiently for the invisalign to work its magic. You should really see the before and after pictures! I know you said you are getting them on in two weeks but I'd ask right away if you can still get the invisalign..they're get and nobody ever notices I wear it!
  7. by   Nurse Ratched
    Good luck to both of you! Orthodontists love adult patients . I managed to get through my entire 28 months without losing a bracket. (Oh - and definitely get a water pik - no other way to get all the crud out from the spaces.)
  8. by   canoehead
    I had braces as a kid for about 2 1/2 years. They ached after each adjustment but I don't remember it as being really excruciating. Had some trouble with rubbing inside my mouth initially but that went away within the month. The only painful parts were when they put elastics on to pull the teeth into position, and once a wire slipped out of its holder and went into my gum (that was very sore). I would do it again in a minute.
    Thanks guys for the advice.
    I asked about the invisible ones, but my insurance does not cover those. He showed me the gold ones but I would be afraid somebody would knock me in the head thinking they were worth something. I thought about the colored ones, and he said those would not be good for an adult ?????
    Thanks for the idea about the water pik. I never thought about those.
  10. by   JJFROG
    I had them when I was in Junior high and high school for about 3 years. I was a spoiled brat and refused to have my wisdom teeth pulled or wear a retainer. Well guess teeth shifted and I am wearing braces again!!! I have had them on about 8 months now, and should have them off in about 6 more months. I had the metal ones as a teen, and I now have the clear brackets. I eat everything I did before, including chewing gum and eating gummy bears. I guess I am still a spoiled brat because I even eat popcorn, it just takes diligent flossing after! I have had no problems with them at all. I even drink red wine and they do not stain. They make a great new floss that is stiff on one end for getting between the wires. I use one that comes in a blue box called "Glide". The first 2 months will be the worst, but each adjustment becomes easier. Take a couple of motrin before you go! Also your cheeks will start to get used to them too. In the intial phase make sure you keep wax available at all time because it really is a lifesaver! You just put a little on the bracket or wire that is bothering you and you will be good to go. Usually about 3 days after the adjustments the tenderness tends to fade. Good luck, you will be smiling at everybody soon, showing off that beautiful new smile!
  11. by   HISSYTHECAT
    Where do I go to get the wax? Does the dentist tell me these things?
  12. by   JJFROG
    The orthodontist will have some wax available for free. I did need some in a pinch and found some in the dental care section of to the floss.
  13. by   perfectbluebuildings
    I had braces and other orthodontic appliances for about 5 years from junior high to high school, to fix a huge overbite! I had a lot of pain when I first got them for a few weeks and then somewhat each time they were adjusted. I liked the wax, too, b/c the brackets sometimes cut into my mouth, and sometimes used Ambesol when my gums got sore from them. But I LOVED the way I looked when they came off!! My advice: Don't slack on wearing your retainer when the braces come off! I wore mine religiously for a couple of years and then went off to college and stopped wearing it as much; it does not fit right anymore and my teeth are not as bad as they used to be but have somewhat returned to their pre-braces state. But, braces are DEFINITELY worth it! Good luck!
  14. by   canoehead
    I forgot to mention-do not eat taffy, you'll be picking out of your teeth for days.