1. i have a quick question...my bp is typically low...98/60. I took last night after jogging (for the heck of it) and my bp was 93/55. I stay fatigued alot...my bp never goes above 100. Is this normal? Are there any health symptoms I should kind of look out for? I am not taking any meds!
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  3. by   kaycee
    My bp has been approx 90/60 most of my life and I an 47 and hope is stayed that way.
    You are young and sound like you are in good shape. In my opinion it is very normal and there may be another reason you feel so fatigued.
  4. by   cactus wren
    Congratulations, as long as that`s youe 'normal" bp, your heart is pumping very effectively, and not working as hard as someone with higher bp. When I was a youngun, my bp was in that range. Now I`m on the downside of 50, it has moved all the way up to 108/65, last check...So don`t think I`ll ever need any bp meds......
    Now as to being fatigued...........whar is your diet like? How much sleep do you get? 2 of many things that could be in line with that problem...And jogging? in Ga.? in the summer? Wow....you`re tough!!! Went to a wedding in your part of the world on summer...Now I know why Southerners are percieved of being slow moving.....the air is so thick and sticky you folks just can`t move fast....:roll
  5. by   shabookitty
    Thanks for the BP advice. My mom says that her BP used to be pretty low...she swears I'm healthy. haha! Mom's know best.
    I got married this July on the Georgia coast (my home). Whew! Before leaving on the honeymoon, we stopped and showered! Peeuuuwww! The heat is torture here...