books for soldiers

  1. Something you can actually DO to support the troops:
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  3. by   MelRN13
    Thanks for the link aimee! That is a great cause.
  4. by   Stargazer
    What a wonderful idea! My online lit group will love this! I've got a huge shopping bag full of paperbacks from our last book swap. Re-posting to my other BBs as well. Thanks, aimeee.
  5. by   kavi
    I remember sending books in Gulf War 1. I wasn't sure how to do it now. Thanks for the link. I am a bookaholic and have lots I can send.
  6. by   JonRN
    I have been taking my books to the VA Hospital when I go, but now I will start sending them to the soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines. Thanks for the link Aimee.
  7. by   spineCNOR
    Thanks so much for this link, Aimee! It is good to know a concrete way to do something to support our troops!