Book Club Discussion--Anne Rice's The Witching Hour

  1. Here's a new thread with a sticky for this month's discussion. I haven't finished the book yet myself...about 300 pages into it...but it is better than I expected it to be.
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  3. by   Q.
    Thanks for the sticky, Aimeee.
  4. by   jevans
    what a fantastic autor and book

    I absolutetly love the way that Anne Rice is able to justify and even sympathise with these others

    I strongly recommend this book and others by her, to -strong minded, free thinking people who are able to critically think without biase. Anne Rice is an extremly talented author whose descriptive ability is supassed to none- you really do feel a part of the story

    Good reading
  5. by   hoolahan
    of, I want=
    OK, before I say anything, when we have the discussion, should there be a warning in the thread title that people may give away the ending? Is this a read at your own risk type of thread? I don't want to spopil it for anyone, but I really want to talk about the ending. I was studying for my exam, so I didn't even know what book had been chosen.

    Anyway, here was what I posted on the other thread....

    Yipeeeee! I thought you guys were doing dracula or frank or jeck/hyde. What happened?

    I read the witching hour about 6 or 7 years ago. I LOVED it!!!!

    Of course I don't have a copy of it anymore, think I got it at the library or the work read and return box.

    This was the first Anne Rice book I read. I loved David of the talamasca. I loved her descriptions of New Orleans, never been there. Just someone refresh my memory, did this book end in a birth of sorts? Don't want to give things away, but if I am thinking of the right one in the series, it was the ending that made me go Eeeeeeeewwwwww!!! And ruined the whole book for me. But, it didn't stop me from reading the rest in the series.

    Someone give me a bit of a recap, it's been awhile, OK?
  6. by   Q.
    Hey Hool,

    We're going to be discussing this book, ahem..shortly, probably within this week. We took a vote earlier and I guess Ann Rice won. I had Stargazer select the title.
  7. by   hoolahan
    Well, I have a real treat. I just picked up a new (?) book by Anne Rice called Balckwood Farm. It is a take of the witches of Mayfair and the vampires. I just started it, only up to page 27, it is GREAT!! I can't put it down. I LOVE Anne Rice as a storyteller.

    Susy, I can't stand it, pm me and tell me the ending of the witching hour, PLEASE!!!!!!!
  8. by   Q.
    Hey...Stargazer. Ya done readin' yet?

    Ok, lemme confess. I didn't finish it. (Sorry Linda). I found it terribly dry.
  9. by   Stargazer
    Okay, I confess, I'm only about 150 pages in. But I just had my last Dutch class last night, so I don't have to study this week!

    Gimmee till Friday? (Not that I'm not forming strong opinions already...)
  10. by   finallyRN
    I have to admit there are quite a few spots in the book that got really hard to read. They kept backtracking in the histories, hard to follow at times. Anyway I still have about 400 pages left to read.
  11. by   Q.
    Dang, Stargazer! You're taking Dutch? Jeez.

    Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines. Someone HAS to tell the ending to Hoolahan.....
  12. by   Stargazer
    Ja, en het is heel moeilijk! (very difficult)

    [whining] Germanic languages are haaaard. (Can somebody call me a waaaaahmbulance?)

    Okay. After Buffy I'll be reading feverishly while keeping one eye on election results.
  13. by   Lausana
    lol, I need to reeeally catch up with you guys, but FM Nation is hilariously stupid tonight-how do I get sucked into this crap. BUT immediately afterwards I'm reading.
  14. by   Mama Val
    Ok I have a question ???
    Is this the 1st book about the witches or are they in another book? I have just started reading The Mummy and I like it alot.