booing canada

  1. I dont know exactly when my lovely little country pissed ppl off so much but this is the second time I've heard my national anthem boo'ed at sports events......
    first was in detriot
    latest was in new york
    I dont get it?
    I mean I know that idiots exist worldwide, and stupidity is international and whatnot but booing any national anthem is not cool
    and to have two such stupid idiotic things done in a row, just baffles me ......
    We have our share of idiots here in Canada too, but I have never heard us boo or hiss another Country's national anthem
    and its particularly hurtful in light of what happend in afghanistan with 4 of our military being killed by so called "friendly fire"
    at the hands of an american pilot
    although unintentional, still horrific and tragic nonetheless

    I'm a peace lover , and an EXTREMELY proud Canadian, so please, if your'e one of my American buddies, tell some of your fellow countrymen (countrypeople whatever!) to show some respect to their Canadian buddies EH!
    Canada isnt perfect, but I love it anyway!
    anyway just had to rant and rave and defend the wonderful place I live in!
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  3. by   Q.
    My god Wendy. Booing your national anthem?

    I'm not much of a boob-tube watcher in the least; most of my news comes from the radio if I even have it on, usually it's CDs. So I really am not up to date on current events but can't fathom anything that would warrant booing Canada's national anthem. As an American, I am absolutely stunned and embarrassed. :imbar

    You have my apologies for all the ignorance here that apparently can't even stay contained within our borders.

    I have never been to Canada but my sister (the world traveler that she is) has been to Toronto and absolutely loved the arts and theatre there. My husband and I hope to visit, especially since we are a short drive away.

    Please remember that not all Americans are as self-centered, ignorant and greedy as some come across. Those who booed your national anthem are not speaking for all of us, and I am confident not even the majority of us.

    Again, I apologize and am still in shock from this gross display of ethocentrism.
  4. by   hapeewendy
    susy, I have many American buddies
    ur one of em!
    I would never judge a whole nation based on the stupid actions of a select group of morons
    so no worries my friend
    and I live in toronto and if youre thinking of visiting, you should!
    I love the US and I love Canada
    its just some isolated losers that jeered the national anthem, but it makes me upset nonetheless
    especially in the case of the booing in New York..
    Canada was very supportive to New york in parctiular during the 9/11 tragedy (for example the hospital I work at had a plan on where we could transfer our less injured patients so we could take patients from the downtown core if new york flew patients to those hospitals etc)
    and the fact that it was at a hockey game for cryin out loud, tons of Canadian players on their damn team in the first place! DUH!
    anyway no worries susy, thanks for your understanding though, we are all patriotic about where we live, Canadians are no exception

  5. by   CATHYW
    It is embarrassing to know that there are so many people so willing to show what little sense they have, not to mention absence of consideration and manners! :imbar

    Geez Louise! It just pi**es me off when people behave with the "herd" mentality!

    All of my life (almost 51 years) we have been good friends with Canada and the UK, and of course, great friends during WWII. I have no idea why these rude, crude, and socially unacceptable people did what they did, much less, twice!!! Just know that down south, in Georgia, there is a mountain woman who thinks Canada, and Canadians, are allll riiiight!

    I hated to hear of your 4 fellow countrymen being killed by "friendly" fire. There isn't much else to say about that...

    You have friends here, you wonderfully sleepy baby! I bet your Mom just Looooved you!
  6. by   Paprikat
    Here in Vancouver, I was DISGUSTED to hear they booed the American National Anthem at the Van./Detroit game. Absolutley horrified. I would like to say that I find this practise absolutley horrendous and say that it takes a few idiots to ruin things. 99% of Canadians would not do that, it's that 1% that tarnish our image. I am a proud Canadian, and respect anyone else's pride on their country. To the 1% of the idiots at the Vancouver game: KNOCK IT OFF!!!!! Hopefully if we make it to the next game here, it will cease. It is causing quite an uproar here.
  7. by   NurseDennie
    Wow - I hadn't heard of either - Americans booing at the Canadian National Anthem or Canadians booing the American one. Either way, it's obviously a very rude and unjustified thing to do.

    If it was Americans booing the Canadian national anthem, I apologize on behalf of my country-idiots. As opposted to countrymen or countrypeople.


  8. by   canoehead
    Sickening. That just makes me tired.
  9. by   duckie
    For the stupidity of others, I am sorry. Canada supported us when we needed them and this action is horrible. No country should have their national anthem treated with disrespect. Please accept my plea of forgiveness for those of ignorance. God Bless you.
  10. by   Jenny P
    I am sorry that there are such stupid sportsfans around these days. In light of the 9/11 attack and the friendly fire incidence recently, we should all remember that it's necessary to mainain the international friendships we have.
  11. by   CEN35

    the usa isn't perfect either, by any stretch of the imagination. let me see if i can remember this right, forgive me if it isn't 100% totally accurate....but i love the message it sends!!! :d

    albert einstein:

    "two things are infinate. the universe, and human stupidity. i'm not so sure about the universe."


  12. by   fergus51
    Love that one Rick. SO true!
  13. by   kids
    Total and complete BULLS**T.

    I mean, I was very politely asked to leave the country while totally intoxicated at a U2 concert in BC a few years ago and I still like Canada.

    As a matter of fact since I am now in debt to the US for $4000 in taxes I have been practicing the Canadian National anthem.
  14. by   mattsmom81
    Too many freaks, not enough circuses. Why will a few nutzoid sports fans think this is OK to boo a national anthem especially in this day and age? I don't understand...but then I don't understand some of these rabid sports groupies either...

    I enjoy hockey but don't need to go to extremes.