Boo Hoo

  1. Well, now that I am totally bummed after Walmart got some candy and Heather's great thread about honey's I am going to go slump over in the corner for awhile and lick my no-man havin' wounds.
    Actually, my right shoulder is killing me today and all the mouse action is not making it better! So, gotta give it a rest.

    Smooches - see ya soon!
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  3. by   BadBird
    Hugs to you Las Vegas, sorry you feel blue today.
  4. by   nursegoodguy
    Okay rest up, BUT... I expect to see you back here SOON! How about one of those touch mouse pads...
  5. by   delirium
    Aww, Vegas, honey.

    I will send positive energy and hope you get a good VO soon.
  6. by   live4today
    Oh poor baby! ((((((((((LasVegasRN)))))))) :kiss

    Guiseppe's idea is a good one....the touch pad thingy.

    I'm sure you've already put some ice on your shoulder. I can sure relate to shoulder pain........ouch! Don't be gone too long now. We can't survive here without your great sense of humor, brains and beauty. Sending up prayers of healing for that shoulder of yours. Stay encouraged! :kiss
    Originally posted by cheerfuldoer
    Don't be gone too long now. We can't survive here without your great sense of humor, brains and beauty.
    Well said Renee!

    Don't stay away long Vegas, but I know how it feels when you just gotta step away from here for awhile...

  8. by   delirium
    I'm boo-hooing with Vegas now.... cause I have to leave everyone and actually go TO WORK.

    Can you believe it?

    Oh well..... hopefully y'all will have some interesting stuff to read when I get off work at 2300.

    Oh, behave!

  9. by   Lausana
    Today has just been one of those days, hasn't it...I guess because it's Wednesday

    Put your feet up & catch some talk shows or divorce court...It'll give you a good laugh & remind you, ah, my life IS so good :chuckle

    Hope to see you back well rested!
  10. by   shygirl
    Las vegas, I'm going to miss your posts
  11. by   WalMart_ADN
    i love you girl.
    you can share my candy any day.
    come back to us soon!
  12. by   Love-A-Nurse
    get well soon, lasvegasrn.
  13. by   Rustyhammer
    See you in an hour or so.
  14. by   night owl
    Hey girl, it happens to the best of us. We'll miss ya! You could try your left shoulder maybe? :stone Only kidding. Hope that ole shoulder is as good as new in no time. Rest up and we'll be waiting for your return...