Bombs found in Dutch IKEA stores


    Bomb scares shut Dutch Ikea stores

    Suspicious were found at three different Dutch stores

    Police in the Netherlands have been searching all 10 outlets of the Ikea furniture chain in the country, after finding bombs in two of its stores.

    Two devices were discovered in Amsterdam and Sliedrecht, near the port city of Rotterdam, on Tuesday evening. The bomb found at the Sliedrecht store later exploded at a police station, injuring two policemen.

    A suspect package in an IKEA store in the central town Utrecht was blown up but later found to be harmless, but another in the a store in the eastern city of Arnhem is being investigated.

    In the town of Duiven, near the German border, another package was removed and sent for examination, the Associated Press news agency reported.

    'No terror connection'

    A spokesperson for Ikea said that the company had received a letter warning of bomb attacks on the stores, adding that the threat was limited to the Netherlands.

    Ikea said there may be bombs in other outlets

    Police have said they do not believe there is any terrorist connection to the attacks.

    The Dutch Prime Minister, Jan Peter Balkenende, also cautioned against jumping to conclusions.

    "We must not create an image that terrorism has suddenly struck in the Netherlands," he said.

    All Ikea stores in the country have been closed, and the police have also closed sections of motorways nearby because of the threat of more bombs, creating huge traffic jams during rush hour.

    The head office of the Dutch news agency ANP near The Hague was also evacuated on Wednesday, after police warned that a bomb might have been planted in the building.

    However ANP later said that no suspect packages had been found, Reuters news agency reported.

    Staff informed

    Ikea issued a statement saying there were strong indications that there might be more explosives in other outlets.

    "We don't want to take any risks. We are taking this very seriously," said Ikea spokeswoman Helen van Trearum.

    The Swedish-based company is one of the world's largest furniture retailers, with stores in more than 30 countries.

    No shop closures are planned outside the Netherlands, but staff have been informed of the bomb scare.

    On alert

    Ikea UK issued a press statement saying that staff had been asked to stay vigilant.

    "Customers will be told the threat is specific to Holland and that at present there is no need to be concerned," the statement said.

    This is thought to be the first time a chain of stores in a particular country has been targeted.

    But there have been several bomb attacks directed at multinational firms over the last few years - many targeting McDonald's fast food restaurants.
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  3. by   donmurray
    It sounds like one of those ransom robbery type situations.
    I can't resist....I know I deserve flaming....Maybe the bomber is a good taste fascist!
  4. by   Stargazer
    Actually, Don, you're correct. Later reports stated that monetary demands had been made upon notification of the bombs' locations. Apparently the bomber was more interested in money than in a terrorist threat. Although, you have to wonder...why IKEA?
  5. by   renerian

  6. by   semstr
    Ikea stated today that they had been getting (wow, my English professor is rotating in his grave for this sentence!) threatletters since September, but they didn't want to alert the whole country!

    Well, now they had too.
    yesterday evening there was an Alarm in Ikea Budapest (H) too, but there was no bomb found. Autorities think it was a copycat.
    (or another of the thousands of costumers, not happy with his furniture, because the screws didn't fit. LOL)
  7. by   Stargazer
    A little topical humor from a Dutch website:
  8. by   semstr
    yes, how typical for Ikea! LOL
  9. by   Dplear
    yep...bomber musta been a customer who was pissed at the cheap furniture they sell......