Bomb in Jakarta

  1. Just heard on the news that there has been a large explosion in a large hotel in Jakarta - and apparently it is near a number of embassies
    Only jjust being reported on at the momnet
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  3. by   gwenith
    Latest news - One Australian dead.

    Here is the ABC link

    One Australian dead two more injured and either 11 or 13 indonesians dead.

    Terrorist activity again and they are saying that the terrorists are actually making themselves VERY unpopular in Indonesia as they seem to be doing more damage to the people and the economy than they are to either Australians or Americans.

    But it is still a tragedy and I do not know what we are going to be able to do to stop this. My profoundest sympathy and compassion to the families of the dead and wounded.
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  4. by   gwenith
    Just heard - 150 injured people - it is Bali all over again. They are flying some of the injured out to Singapore.
  5. by   jnette
    ohhhhhhhhh noooo.... how very tragic.
  6. by   fergus51
    So sad. A country with such a bad economy already will only be hurt more by terrorism (as tourism is sure to continue to decrease).
  7. by   roxannekkb
    Did anyone claim responsibility for it? They have had problems in Indonesia for years, first with East Timor, now with the Aceh separatists. Plus the whole government underwent a dramatic change a few years ago, and there's been periodic unrest. This may have more to do with they dynamics within Indonesia, rather than lashing out at foreign countries.
  8. by   fergus51
    I think the reason they are assuming terrorism of a militant Islamic variety is because of the similarities to the Bali bombing and the fact that the man charged in that bombing is set to be sentenced in 2 days.
  9. by   gwenith
    Yes they think it is Jamar Islamir (sp?) and yes I feel for Indonesia Bali's economy suffered so much after the bombing and may never be the same again. I wish there was something we could do for them.

    There were more Balinese hurt by the original bombing than Australians and often it was the breadwinner who now has no means of financial support.

    These people ultimately hurt themselves more than us. Already they are talking about the adverse affect on the Indonesian economy. Fergus the other day you asked where our Australian troops were - here is some of your answer and this is why we had to pull out of the middle east. We are trying desperately to help our neighbor's stabilise. This is why we are now in the Solomon Islands.

    We are not a big country population wise and we are surrounded by "third world" countires many too small to make headlines on the international new scene and so they get over looked by other powers in the world. I like to think we do try to help. I know that exploitation has occured - witness the mess BHP made in Papua New Guinea but we also will kick backsides quite hard when we discover that sort of exploitation. I just wish there was some way we could TALK to these extremists and find out what is fueling thier anger beyond a belief that all westerners are evil.

    I also wish to thank those of you who responded. I know this is not an American issue but it is important to us.
  10. by   fergus51
    Gwenith, I think the issue is important to everyone. Any act like this affects the world. The world is just too small for it not to (there is even a Canadian among the injured). With the history of attacks on western countries, including the 9-11 attacks, any event like this will gain international attention. I certainly hope Australia can act as a guide to its neighbours in times of trouble. I also wish there was a way to reason with people like this, but I am not holding my breath. Anyone who could park a car filled with explosives outside of a hotel or nightclub to murder a bunch of people they have never met is beyond reasoning with. CNN recently did a feature on Indonesia and pointed out that the battle between fundamentalists and the west is to win the hearts and minds of the average Indonesian, who is neither westernized nor a rabid Islamist. I hope our actions will be good enough to do so.
  11. by   gwenith
    I guess I am just disappointed that not more people answered this thread. Latest news is that no Australian died but there are 16 dead - 3 from overseas the rest Indonesian.

    Over 100 injured is horrific. We are being warned to stay away from Indonesia at present. I feel for them Indonesia is so poor it needs all the tourism revenue it can get.
  12. by   donmurray
    It's second item on the news here, they are linking it to the court case too. So sad.
  13. by   Mkue
    I also wish to thank those of you who responded. I know this is not an American issue but it is important to us.
    Terrorism is an important issue, it can affect anyone, anywhere, it's very tragic and sad whenever this happens.
  14. by   Tookie
    It is said that they had parked the car to explode at lunch time outside a resturant that is well known for the fact that it caters for the western trade - The Hotel - The Marriot is said top have the best security and is frequented by many westerners - including politicans etc - OUr prime minisiter stayed there in Feb

    As Gwentih said we currently have a number of places where Australian soldiers are serving -
    I think there are still some in Afganistan
    Timor - we have had a conitinued presence there
    Not sure about Papua new Guinea
    There are some more places - Not sure

    But as Gwenith said - Our total population is only approx 21 mill people

    Anyway in Australia we need to be very aware of how we interact with our neighbours - Our neighbours are all in the South pacific and south east asia - We are a diverse multi cultural population with many different nationalities immigrating here since the first fleet - but that is a whole different thread.