Blue Grass Music - Know Any Good Artists

  1. Recently, heard for the first time, Allison Krauss, she blew me away with her style and brought back a pleasure to snappy soul filled blue grass.

    Today, while messing around on the computer, I stumbled upon the music of,
    Norah Jones, she is fantastic. Her music is a mix of Blue Grass and Jazz. Nice easy and peaceful sounds that brings back memories of friends and past loves. Her voice is superb.

    Anyone have any other favorite artists I could discover along the Blue Grass Circuit of untapped artists?

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  3. by   purplemania
    try for extensive list of bluegrass artists. I like the group Mountain Heart, produced by Vince Gill and Ricky Skaggs. Also, The Rankins (from Canada) are great. They mix celtic music in (which is where bluegrass originated).
  4. by   my2sons
    Google "Molasses Creek". Love them.
  5. by   nightingale
    It is no wonder I love BlueGrass! I love Celtic music! I go through spurts of Enya ad nausium...

    Thanks for the tip purplemania

  6. by   nurseunderwater
    kerrville folk festival is coming up in in texas...check out the website for a list of awesome artists!
  7. by   manna
    Lots of talented local groups... around here, it's a very popular genre. In fact, I was at a party Saturday night where a great bluegrass band was performing.

    How about Nickel Creek ?
  8. by   Marie_LPN, RN
    Nickel Creek are great.

    Soggy Bottom Boys.
  9. by   Sadie04
    There's a great local bluegrass band here in Maine called 'The Jerks of Grass' who will be playing at my sister's wedding this summer - I can't wait! I love bluegrass!
  10. by   Annabelle57
    i love me some bluegrass, folks...

    alison krauss and union station are, of course, failsafe options. my first recommendation is their 2-disc "live" cd if you want a good starter for their music.

    the soundtrack from "o brother, where art thou?" is also excellent - lots of different bluegrass songs, including the popular "man of constant sorrow" sung by the soggy bottom boys (sung, by the way, actually by dan tyminski and the rest of union station, minus miss alison). there's also a great concert on cd called "down from the mountain" featuring many of the o brother artists.

    a friend of mine introduced me to buddy greene - incredible, incredible bluegrass guitarist and a fine singer to boot. check out his "rufus" cd.

    since you like alison's voice, i'd also recommend anything by the cox family - alison used to record with them, they're on the down from the mountain cd, and one of the ladies of the group (whose name escapes me) has an ethereally-beautiful voice similar to krauss.

    i also second nickel creek - not strictly bluegrass, per se, but incredible music all the same. their cds are constantly in my car! i saw them in concert about a month ago, and they were amazing - so talented. they're touring with mindy smith, someone you also might check out.

    good luck! there's a ton of great music out there to hear...
  11. by   Tweety
    Dolly Partons last couple of albums were Bluegrass. "The Grass is Blue" and "Little Sparrow". Fairly traditional and quite good.
  12. by   nightingale
    Thank you to everyone for the great suggestions! I 'll be busy researching the next few weeks!

    Thanks again!

  13. by   adrienurse
    Alison Krauss is wonderful. Love the traditional sound. Emmylou Harris, Dolly Parton. Look for the O Brother Where Art Thou soundtrack and the albums inspired by it if you want a good introduction.
  14. by   Brendy
    I opened your thread with the intention of answering your question with who I think is the best in bluegrass...well my fav anyway...and there was my answer..Allison Krauss. Check out her older music from the early 90's...Im not much of a bluegrass fan but I just love her music. Her old stuff is great. and I believe its her most recent release ( I always want to say album LOL)(cant remember the name of it) has gotten great reviews.
    Sorry I couldnt help or come up with any other suggestions.
    But I just had to respond when I saw her name in your post.