Black Magic Woman and Amazing Grace

  1. we had a guest speaker/performer at church yesterday.....leon patillo, former lead singer in santana......very inspiring, awesome performer still. in addition to traveling and ministering, he pastors a all denominational church that is aimed at redirecting the hearts of people in hollywood. he sang amazing grace and i believe i can fly...and some others....talked about his conversion to christ and how the band offered to quadruple his salary if he stayed on.....amazing and inspiring.....if you ever get a chance to hear him.......very worthwhile.

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  3. by   live4today
    I've heard Leon Patillo on the Santana album as it is a favorite of my husband's and mine (the CD, I should say.... the word "album" predates me. oh well....) I didn't know he sang Christian songs? Thanks for sharing!
  4. by   NannaNurse
    l.rae......I've been a big fan of Leon's for a long time. I,too, had heard him with Santana.....but I got a 'up close and personal' meeting while stationed in Germany in 1982. As Battalion XO (Exsecutive Officer), my ex and I were asked to host a 'guest' for 4 days while visiting the area. "Sure" we said, not knowing who it was. We usually played host to visiting military personel.....Well, to our delight, Mr. Patillo shared our home for 4 wonderful days, we attended 3 concerts....right up front....and even joined in on a 'jam session' with him and his great band!
    A highlight in my life I will always remember! He is a fun person, full of joy and truly has a great ministry with song.
  5. by   l.rae
    NannaNurse....WOW...he does come across as a very genuine person...very personable...l regret l didn't get his autograph. lt must have really been something to be up on stage with him, can't even imagine him as a house guest.....lucky you! l hear he has a telavised program on cable station does not carry it though
  6. by   Brian
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