Birthday/Graduation Cakes in Boxes/Pans

  1. Looking at MORE adult birthday party pictures today, and graduation pics.

    I've noticed that a lot of people actually leave the bakery cake in the box.
    Weird. '
    Do you all do that?

    In my family, the box-carton is considered necessary to get the cake from the bakery to the house.

    I was at a birthday party last year where the cake stayed in the box and pictures were and cake and honoree.

    Just as bad, one layer home-made cakes, left in the pan, icing and decorations on top.

    Will we ever have even a touch of class.

    I can't recall anyone telling me to take the cake out of the box and place it on a decorated tray....
    how do you all do it in your neck of the woods?

    Are these the same people with cigarette cartons stashed on top of the frig?
    Anyone know what it is about smokers that they toss cigs on top of frig?
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  3. by   jnette

    I hate first of all to admit I'm a smoker (working on that), but it bothers me a whole lot more that I smoke, than where I place my stash.

    I don't understand why you find such delight in passing judgement.... I stayed out of the last thread (obesity) because I truly felt it offensive even though I'm one of the "skinnies" and didn't feel it was worthy of a response. Now this... why? Perhaps ppl aren't all as "nearly perfect" as you, but even if that were meant in jest (and I can't help but wonder now) .. who are we to judge others or their habits?

    I'm sorry you feel so disgruntled about others and/or their ways.

    I prefer to seek the GOOD in others, myself. Why tear down? What GOOD can possibly come of it? Isn't "to do good" a more worthy endeavor? A more productive way to expend energy and far better use of time?

    I'm sorry, but this one just did it for me. Is that your intent? To push buttons? Please help me to understand...
  4. by   shygirl
    Take the cake out of the box for pictures.

    If it's homemade, and for family, leave it in the baking pan.

    If it's homemade and it's for company, put it on a decorative serving platter!

  5. by   CashewLPN

    I agree with you on the box/pan thing....

    heck... I make cakes as a side thing.... and, its darn tacky!!!
    if anything, size permitting.... cover a baking sheet upside down in foil... and put the cake on it...
    instant shiny platform...

    just mho.....
  6. by   gwenith
    As long as the pan is not a bedpan why worry?
  7. by   Angelica
    I try not to worry about the little things.
  8. by   passing thru
    jnette, it's just always been a curiosity to me.
    The majority of smokers that I know always toss their cigarette cartons on top of the frig. It just looks odd......... Walking into someones' kitchen, observing that the missus has gone to all the trouble to find just the right curtains, just the right wallpaper, towels, potholders, throw rugs,...etc.

    She puts away all the other stuff from the market;
    why not put away the cigs?

    I'm just curious.
    Not a major life issue.
    Just one of those human behavioral things I wonder about when I'm sitting in traffic...........LOL

    And, Yeti , et al: you're right. I've covered lots of pieces of cardboard with aluminum foil and then took the cake
    OUT OF the box and slid it onto my tray.

    It just struck me as the oddest thing, to leave a cake that someone has gone to all the trouble to order, pick up , bring home, and the baker/decorator has gone to a lot of trouble to
    prepare and decorate a "one of a kind" cake;

    and then , leave it in the box for the duration of the celebration.
  9. by   FROGGYLEGS
    I keep my cigarettes on the shelf of the microwave cart. What location would be the most tasteful for the storage of cigarettes? I guess I should write a letter to Ms. Manners and ask her.
  10. by   NRSKarenRN
    Cakes are "EYE CANDY" to be viewed and admired if for a special occasion. Take'm out of the box!!!!
    (Bothered me at Eagle Scout dinner one year).

    Every day cake, who cares as long as tastes good.

    Cigs---could care less. Don't judge ME by the condition of my house---I'm surrounded by 3 men, 2 brothers and 6 nephews.
    Sister-in-law and I agree their hopeless.
  11. by   P_RN
    I believe Martha Stewart recommends for the cartons a lace doily to be securely wrapped with wired ribbon and the carton then placed upon a glass shelf in the dining area. If you have two or more cartons you must coordinate the colors and lace patterns to be pleasing to the eye. It's a good thing.

    In more rural areas it is sometimes apropros to exchange the lace doily for a fine linen bandana in your favorite pattern and place the carton (s) on the bric-a-brac shelf beneath the caribou head.
  12. by   Huq
    Ask the bakery for a plastic container.
    Most will do this, but you have to ask.

    Take the top off and you are ready.

    Homemade. Please put it on SOMETHING.
  13. by   nowplayingEDRN
    I have done it both ways....both for company and for immediate family.....I think that if it is served with love and celebration....WHO CARES! Obviously if it is for a formal get together (ie: a wedding or baby shower or anniversary party) Then yes, maybe one should consider a serving platter or a foil covered piece of sturdy cardboard/cookie sheet as opposed to the box or cake pan. But then, although I have class, I am also a simple type of fuss-no me, love me or hate's who I am.

    As for where people store their smokes...well, that is their preference, not mine and I have been told that the best place to keep them is in the fridge or the freezer to preserve freshness (I guess there is no thing worse than a stale ciggy). When I come to visit someone, it's to see them NOT inspect their house and I would expect the same courtesy from them when they come to my home. But again, just MHO........But I do have to ask, Passing....why are most all of your threads so darned antagonistic and belittling???? Maybe it is your delivery of the question, prompted my your curious which case maybe you should try a little less hostile approach to satisfying your curiosity.....but again...that is just MHO.....not something that is gospel in nature.
  14. by   jnette
    Originally posted by UntamedSpirit
    Maybe it is your delivery of the question, prompted by your curious nature...
    Yes.. I guess it just hit me wrong, Passing... I had just read through the "Why, oh why" thread, and then when I opened THIS one, it just kinda really hit me wrong. Guess the smartest thing for me to do was not hit the keyboard right off, but sleep on it. Try do do that a lot, but fall into it still at times..

    I'm curious about a lot of things, too. But I do attempt to find a noncondescending way to ask.. if I can't come up with one, I don't ask at all. Guess we're all just different that way.

    I keep my smokes IN the fridge, as Untamed mentioned above, but Hubby always throws his on top.. never gave it much thought. Guess he knows just where to find 'em that way.

    And yes, while I agree about the cake thing, I just would have asked differently. I don't judge folks on these petty things.. I'd be tickled that I was invited for cake. Ppl are all brought up differently, and I respect that. While I might do sth. differently than they, I don't look down on them for how they might do it.

    I have found that "class" is sth. that has more to do with the CHARACTER of a person than with what they display for show. It can't be "learned", "practiced" or "demanded". It's a very natural and intrinsic part of the person, and it shows THROUGH that person while being unaware of it themselves.