Birth Control em or hate em?

  1. I have been so confused! I no longer need OC for contraception, my hubby took care of that....thank God! BUT, I was using OC for cycle regulation, to have control over my periods, AND so that they would be lighter. (purely selfish reasons I know).

    I have tried every kind, since I worked for an OB/GYN for 12 years. My most recent brand is YASMIN.

    Well, I am on again and off again. I just gained about 20 pounds this past 2 months, due to STRESS and JOB CHANGES!!! NO, not the pill. BUT, I read somewhere that taking hormones is the worst thing a woman can do when trying to lose weight.

    I know all the "old wives tales" and don't really think that weight (over 2-5 pounds) has ANYTHING to do with oral contraceptives, but thought I would get a "real life" answer from health professionals like yourselves!

    Anyone with an opinion on this issue.

    I stopped Yasmin this past month hoping to see what happens with my migraines and cycles.

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  3. by   NurseShell
    I don't know anything about BCP except for what they "do" to me. I hate them! I was put on them at 17 to control an ovarian cyst and endometriosis. I took them off and on for the next 10 years as OC...then I told my hubby if he didn't want anymore kids he'd best do somethin' bout it! Those pills SCREW UP YOUR HEAD!! I was a basket case all the time. Little stuff sent me off the deep end. I like myself much better minus the hormones! My husband finally fixed himself (after I did get pregnant - and had a miscarriage he didn't want "to put me through that again" - too late pal!! Too doggone late! I went through it!!) Anyhoo! BCPs - HATE 'em!
  4. by   eltrip
    I hate them...they made me into a grumpier version of myself & permanently dried out my eyes, making it necessary to use eyedrops at least b.i.d...couldn't wear contacts after I used them, nor could I years after discontinuing them.

    I've been questioning the whole o.c. thing...after all, they use equine hormones to make these pills for human use. Really, just how safe are they? Has anyone seen research on long-term o.c. usage or the long-term side effects of o.c's?

    How much is our convenience worth to us?
  5. by   renerian
    I have been on HRT for three years, almost four, and have a hard time keeping my weight up. I am a grazer.

  6. by   legsmalone
    I have a love/hate relationship: Loved Estrostep, had way lighter periods, no PMS symptoms, no moodiness.
    HATE Orthotricyclin, gained about 25 pounds, was always moody, my period was LONGER and I was generally miserable. I totally think the weight gain was due to the pills, it came off relatively easy once I stopped and kept up with my jogging routine.
    So, if and when I have a reason to take BCP's again, I won't be using the ortho.

    Jax, I had heard that Yasmin was supposed to be wonderful.....not quite the case?
  7. by   jaxnRN
    Well, Yasmin claims that they have a kind of diuretic in their pills which helps with water weight retention. (Yes, you notice this for the first few days of starting the pills). Also, they claim that people actually LOSE weight on them. I must say that I am such a yo-yo when it comes to my weight (105-130) that I can't nail any weight gain to anything but my mouth!
  8. by   colleen10
    Hate them!

    When I was younger and first started using them I didn't have any side effects. I went off of them after a year because I using them to keep my cycle regulated and wanted to see if I could do it on my own, which I could.

    Then a few years later I tried them again and they really messed with my mind. At first I would get a little moody around the time of my period but as each month went by the moodiness would get worse and worse until finally I was scared of what I might do. I'm not a very angry person and I don't like to fight or get into arguments but watch out when I was on the pill and I was pre-menstral. It was horrible. I would get so mad over any little thing I would literally shake and not be able to control my actions. My doctor didn't seemed fazed by any of this and said the only thing he could do for me was to put me on Paxil for one week every month, and HELLO! you can't just take Paxil for one week, it takes at least two weeks to notice a difference. Even I know that!

    So, I just quit taking the pill all together and about two months later I was back to my old, non-psychotic self. Plus, I don't really want to be putting anything into my system if I don't have to.

    Also, I have never used the BCP as a form of Birth Control. If I had a dime for every person I know that got pregnant while on the BCP....... Especially people that were taking the low Estrogen pills. And, if I had a penny for every person I knew that got pregnant while using a diaphragm I'd be even richer.
  9. by   EmeraldNYL
    I'm on Triphasil.... I love BCP's!! I gained some weight but I am not convinced it is the result of the pills.... I gained about 30 lbs. when I went to college and when I graduated I lost it all again (so I guess it was all the beer and fried food?).
  10. by   Heather333
    I was on Yasmin for about 6 months and then quite. I initially lost about 8 pounds but gained it back plus a few. My OB/GYN said it would help w/ my PMS symptoms. It didn't work and my periods weren't any lighter than being off BC. I couldn't remember to take it every day so, it wasn't really too effective.

  11. by   shudokan-RN
    I had horrible problems w/ my periods went so far as to plan for a vaginal Hyst, a Nurse friend of mine recommended that I try Phyto-prolief cream. It was and still is a miracle. most hypermenorrhea can be caused from estrogen imbalance. I had low hgb, hot flashes ( :angryfire and MAJOR PMS, headaches

    I have been light /regular and happy since starting this
    so simple 1 pump of the lotion starting day 12 of your cycle, then stop day 1 of next period
    if anyone wants more info, PM me

  12. by   nurseleigh
    I got pregnant TWICE taking birth control pills. Not that I am saying that they don't work, they work great for some people. For me, they regulated my monthly menstration so well that it got me pregnant. Or so that is what my dr says. My mom was the same way. Dr put her on BCP's so she could get prego with me. Of course she neglected to inform me of this before I started taking them!!!!!

  13. by   frannybee
    Was originally put on OCPs to control wacky periods which worked for a few months then all went to pot. Never been preggers to my knowledge so as far as I know they were okay for contraception. Was at one point taking Androcur (cyproterone acetate) and Diane to regulate my androgens - I was one hairy pimply beast for ages there. Am now obese and terrified to start OCPs again in case of DVT/PE even though my cycle is completely screwy (3 periods last year, 3 since mid-January).
  14. by   emily_mom
    I got preggers the first time on Ortho TriCyclen, and have until recently been on Mircette. It's the only one that didn't make me nuts. Did the ring for a month too, and really liked that.