bin laden poem

  1. > Subject: Message for Bin Laden
    > Osama Bin Laden, your time is short;
    > We'd rather you die, than come to court.
    > Why are you hiding if it was in God's name?
    > You're just a punk with a turban; a pathetic shame.
    > I have a question, about your theory and laws;
    > "How come you never die for the cause?"
    > Is it because you're a coward who counts on others?
    > Well here in America, we stand by our brothers.
    > As is usual, you failed in your mission;
    > If you expected pure chaos, you can keep on wishin'
    > Americans are now focused and stronger than ever;
    > Your death has become our next endeavor.
    > What you tried to kill, doesn't live in our walls;
    > It's not in buildings or shopping malls.
    > If all of our structures came crashing down;
    > It would still be there, safe and sound.
    > Because pride and courage can't be destroyed;
    > Even if the towers leave a deep void.
    > We'll band together and fill the holes
    > We'll bury our dead and bless their souls.
    > But then our energy will focus on you;
    > And you'll feel the wrath of the Red,White and Blue.
    > So slither and hide like a snake in the grass;
    > Because America's coming to kick your ass!!!
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  3. by   essarge
    Well Said!!!
  4. by   realnursealso/LPN
    How apprapo! Thanks for sharing.