Bike riders......Come here!!!

  1. I am going soon to get me a bike to start riding. I haven't been on a bike in a while , well at least not one that was not stationary. Any suggestions??? What kind of bike do I need? Any special things I will need? I am probably going to go to Walmart and get a cheap bike to start....then maybe I will graduate to a better bike????? I am so excited....The last bike I had was purple w/ a banana seat....see its been a while. Do I need bicycle shorts.......hehehehe just spandex touches :roll :roll
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  3. by   kavi
    Since I live in a place that doesn't allow cars, everyone gets around via bicycle six months of the year. (We do use snowmobiles in the winter). I strongly believe that you should buy a good, comfortable bicycle. You'll be more likely to continue to use it. I think too many people think "I'll buy cheap and move up in quality later'. What happens is, they never enjoy bicycling enough to keep it up. But that's just my humble opinion.

    It should also be suited for your needs (trail riding or city streets). Properly fitted for your frame, seat properly adjusted. The pedals at the proper height. The angle of the handlebars, the type of handlebars. It all matters if you are going to do any real bike riding.

    Trust me, getting the right bicycle makes a HUGE difference. I didn't understand all this until I moved here eight years ago. And it's not that every ride I take is a long one. It's just that I'm on bicycles so much (and I own 3) I know what a difference a good bike can make.

    Go to a real bike shop. They know how to fit you to a bike. You don't have to spend tons of money, they have 'low end' bicycles too. But you'll buy the bicycle that 'fits', and you'll enjoy it so much more!

    P.S. Anyone who lives here would DIE before wearing something like spandex.
    However, as someone who has been an EMT for seven years, and who spends her summers scraping up tourists in bicycle accidents PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE wear a helmet!
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  4. by   Hidi74
    Thanks Kavi!!!! I never even thought about some of this stuff.....except the helmet......a definate must for me.
  5. by   karenG
    well- I bike to work in the summer (such as we get here) and love my shorts- they are padded!!! otherwise ouch! so while not spandex, they are lycra!! oh and gloves and helmet!