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  1. I just saw some dunderhead retired Col. on Fox say the POWs we saw on tv a few weeks ago had been executed. Now, some of us fear that might have been the case but the official statement has not been made. I think it is inexcusible that these guys are shooting their mouths off like this when they know the rules. He was immediately corrected by the commentator who was interviewing him but not soon enough to avoid causing a lot of family a great deal of grief. The policy has been to avoid saying these things untill offical notification has been made to the families. The worst thing about it is it might turn out NOT to be TRUE. In that case he has caused a lot of people unnecessary grief.
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  3. by   rncountry
    I said this once, but HIPPIA for the media. Seriously there should be some sort of privacy guidelines for the media and as it is obviouls not only here, but in other instances that simply expecting them to follow good ethics is not working.
  4. by   Mkue
    I think it was reported that the 8 bodies found with PFC Lynch were indeed those in her unit who were captured with her. If those are the POW's you are referring to.
  5. by   oramar
    There were people killed in the ambush, that has been confirmed. However, the 5 that were taking prisoner and showed up on tv at this time are still classified as POWs. Those are the ones that he stated were killed. At this moment, according to this mornings paper anyway, the families have recieved no such notification. Like I said, a lot of people suspect they have been killed since they appeared on Arab tv but no use announcing it on tv and tearing the hearts out of people who are waiting to hear for sure. It may well that the families are as I write this recieving notification that 5 POWs were found dead or alive. However, they should hear it first not the tv viewing public.