Big Brother - thank God

  1. An international approach is being taken to monitor internet chat rooms according to the BBC:

    Let's hope that this can stem the tide of mistreatment of children in this way. Whilst we are on the subject, or rather - whilst I am on the subject... British newspapers have in recent years started to publish the names and addresses of child offenders in order to make parents aware of convicted paedophiles who live in their neighbourhoods. Is this justifiable? I think that it is, but it does come close to infringement of privacy. What are everyones thoughts?
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  3. by   gwenith
    I pity the poor Cop who draws this website to monitor - the first time he reads one of our famous "What is the most Gross...." or "Things that make you go Eeeewwww" he is going to need a sick bag and a mega dose of Maxalon!!!
  4. by   Katnip
    I used to say in an anatomy class that if anyone ever eavesdropped on some of our converstaions, even outside class we could be arrested. :chuckle