Big bonuses at strapped VA raise ire

  1. from phila inquirer 5/4/07:

    [color=#0044bb]big bonuses at strapped va raise ire


    a list obtained by ap of bonuses to senior career officials in 2006 documents a generous package of more than $3.8 million in payments by a financially strapped agency straining to help care for thousands of injured veterans returning home from iraq and afghanistan.

    among those receiving payments were a deputy assistant secretary and several regional directors who crafted the va's flawed budget for 2005 based on misleading accounting. they received performance payments up to $33,000 each, a figure equal to about 20 percent of their annual salaries.
    also receiving a top bonus was the deputy undersecretary for benefits, who helps manage a disability-claims system that has a backlog of cases and delays averaging 177 days in getting benefits to injured veterans.

    the bonuses were awarded even after government investigators had determined the va repeatedly miscalculated - if not deliberately misled taxpayers - with questionable methods used to justify bush administration cuts to health care amid the burgeoning iraq war.
    annual bonuses to senior va officials now average more than $16,000 - the most lucrative in government. all bonuses are proposed by division chiefs, then approved by nicholson.
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  3. by   Simplepleasures
    I really dont get it.Why has our country fallen into this culture of awarding CEO's and others in positions of authority these huge bonuses and salaries, even after it has been proven that these so called genius CEO's have run the company into the ground, then jumped out of the corporation with a "golden parachute".The fact that this poor management in an effort to be the person who has the lowest budget, has directly harmed our veterens and servicemen is particularily aggregious.What will it take to bring our country back to ethical business practices? My opinion is that this has been promoted from the top down and it wont stop until we get legislators in the seat of power who will prove to the American citizen that they will behave ethically.Free market and runaway greed has brought us to this point, free market may have worked if we could as a people reign in that runaway greed. My liberal opinion only, for what its worth.
  4. by   VivaLasViejas
    You don't have to be a 'liberal' to wonder how to get one of those jobs where you can screw up royally and not only NOT be fired, but rewarded.

    'nuff said.:angryfire
  5. by   CHATSDALE
    there ae two kinds of people in this world
    the shafters and the shaftees

    this is as true at the civilian, non-profit corp, military, government levels

    dale the shaftee
  6. by   Roy Fokker

    The "government" screws up and guess who gets the blame?
    The Free Market! :uhoh21:

    The "free market" is about affording choice. Nothing about the VA is even remotely connected with "choice".

    The US doesn't have a capitalistic "free market" - true free market capitalism in the US died decades ago. As I pointed out a few weeks ago in a different thread: just look up "Federal Anti-Trust Law".

    Please, let us for once lay the blame where it truly belongs - the VA adminstration.... and not go about digging up strawmen to attack.

  7. by   UM Review RN