Bicycle Riders...

  1. the following story is taken from a devotion that i read this morning, and it reminded me of how nurses have the choice to either learn to work together as a cohesive team -- or not!

    "i remember the first time i tried to ride a bicycle. i thought i would never learn! i pulled the bike alongside the porch and then jumped on and began pedaling, only to end up bumping smack into a maple tree. i had been so intent on pedaling that i forgot to steer. so i tried a second time and concentrated on steering, but forgot to pedal, and of course i fell over. i had to learn to use my feet to pump the pedals and my hands to steer at the same time. it was a lesson on what it means to work together."

    "a bicycle built for two or more people is a different sort of challenge. the trick to riding one of these is for the people in back to concentrate on pedaling while the person in front does the steering. all can ride, all must help in pedaling, but only one can steer."

    " it is in nursing. there are some things all must do, while there are other things that only certain ones are entrusted to do. how sad that so many want to steer and so few want to pedal!"

    "have you found your place in (nursing) yet? don't try to do a task that belongs to someone else. ask god to help you find the job he has gifted you to do, then do it faithfully." -- m.r. dehaan, m.d.

    1) share your first experience in learning to ride a bicycle, and how that parallels with your life as you live it today.

    2) are you a "steerer" or more of a "pedaler"?

    3) do you prefer to do both without help, or do you mind having help from others around you?

    4) how would you compare learning to ride a bicycle to nursing?

    [p.s. everything within quotation marks was taken from the devotion book i am currently reading. this particular story was written by m.r. dehaan, m.d.] thank you!
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