bi-racial relationships

  1. what are your thoughts on bi-racial relationships? j
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  3. by   kewlnurse
    What difference does it make what we think, if it makes youhappy go for it.
  4. by   tiger
    just curious how people felt. i am in a bi-racilal relationship. don't get so offfensive. j
  5. by   CEN35

    It does not matter. I certainly would not worry about what others think. There's nothing wrong with it.

  6. by   fiestynurse
    It's all about LOVE! It doesn't matter if it's man, women, black, white, or yellow. It's about loving another human being. Why would anyone have a problem with that?
  7. by   ShannonB25
    I completely agree with the above posters. I couldn't care less if someone is in an interracial relationship, as long as they are happy! My brother was in a 2 year relationship with an African American girl before he died and I'm so grateful to her because she couldn't have been any sweeter to him or brought him any more love. It had nothing to do with her skin color, she was simply a wonderful person. Thanks for bringing up an interesting topic, by the way, janetl.
    My mother once said to me "everyone needs some lovin'. It's not our business where or from who they get it."

    If you are lucky enough in your lifetime to find love, thats all that matters.

  9. by   CCU NRS
    The only thing about mixed relationships tha would cause a problem that I can see is that any children will pay the price for being different. Unhappily predjudice is not dead in ur society yet. I hope it will be soon but at this pint in time I see that the children of these relationships pay the highest price for the choices of their parents. While a man and a woman make the choice to be involved in inter-racial relationships the children have no choice and are ridiculed throughout their entire lives for their ethnic status.

    I don't mean to be negative but I just thought you might want to look at all the issues. Of course times are changing,and predjudice is getting to be less of an issue, just remeber that kids are cruel and strike out at that which is different.

    Good Luck! and if you have found true love the rest be damned, just teach your children early on that the rest of the world can be a cruel hurtful place and to be proud of who they are.
  10. by   ClariceS
    Children are cruel no matter what the differences are - race, glasses, accent, etc. We are already planning to teach our children (just twinkles in our eyes as of yet ) how important each of their cultural backgrounds are and that it enriches them to have this. They will learn some of the language also - maybe not fluently but so they can interact easily with both grandparents - who BTW are in complete support of our marriage. Surprising but fun where love is found!!
  11. by   EXOTIC NURSE
    I am in agreement with one of the poster that it is not only bi racial children who are teased all kids are teased regardless of what the difference is .......I believe that if you love someone regardless of what race they are then go for it....It is you and that person who have to deal with each other on a daily basis anyone else outside of that circle well guess what they are not an important entity and that is my opinion. If you let society tell you how to live your life then where is the originality if it were meant for all of us to be one color then God would not have created variety so shall be it .......
  12. by   nurs4kids
    I used to share CCU's opinion about inter-racial children suffering, but with much observation changed my opinion. I agree with other posters. All children will be "picked on" at some time or another. If it isn't your ethnicity, then it's something else. If the child is raised proud of himself, then he can't be hurt by other kids. As for the relationship itself, it's not about the race, or sex for that's about how the partner makes YOU feel. Those negative about your relationship do not have to live your life!

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  13. by   kewlnurse
    Originally posted by janetl:
    <STRONG>just curious how people felt. i am in a bi-racilal relationship. don't get so offfensive. j</STRONG>
    How am i being offensive?
  14. by   CEN35
    Nurs4kids.....that was ccu_nurse.........not me